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“KU strengthens ties with MSU through exchange visit of delegates” By Nasrima Sampaco

Posted on: Wednesday, November 08, 2017
Posted by: Anonymous


“KU strengthens ties with MSU through exchange visit of delegates”

By Nasrima Sampaco


Delegates from Kastamonu University of Turkey headed by Vice Rector, Prof. Dr. Ali Rafet ÖZKAN together with KU Erasmus+ Coordinator, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet SIVACIOĞLU, Prof. Dr. Omer KÜҪÜK, Prof. Dr. Saim ATEŞ, Assistant Prof Dr. Mɨraҫ AYDIN, and other members of the party visited the Mindanao State University in Marawi City early this month of March. The primary objective of this reciprocal visit is to further strengthen the collaborative agreement for the mutual understanding on academic staff mobility of Erasmus+ Program of European Union (EU) between the two universities. The arriving KU representatives were warmly welcomed by the MSU officials and accompanied for sightseeing tour at the majestic Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City. They travelled around the main campus areas of MSU including important historical sites of the province overlooking the panoramic view of Lake Lanao. With the assistance of the said university officials, the delegates also visited Aga Khan Museum wherein they were able to behold the colorful Meranao culture and values based on the vestiges left by the past; as well as the MSU Research Laboratory where they carefully scrutinized some of the research experiments of the university.


To make the university exchange of visit more meaningful and mutually beneficial, a Research Symposium and Collaborative Meeting between MSU and KU delegates and representatives was held on March 9, 2017 at CHARM Pavilion. The program started with the opening remarks of the HRDO Director Amer Pangandaman where he stressed the gains of the on-going cohesive partnership between the two universities, at the same time, he conveyed in his message the eagerness of the MSU System President, Dr. Habib Watamama Macaayong to be with other officials attending the event just to impart his sincerity and felicity for this momentous conference, despite the emergency board meeting in Manila. During the symposium proper, six delegates from KU Faculty of Forestry presented their respective lectures in a parallel session. Some significant highlights and issues relative to research areas of concern such as Turkey's Forestry System and Industry; Forest Fires and Protection; Aquaculture Development; Watershed Management Program in Turkey, as well as Multiculturalism and Conciliation Program of Turkey were presented by the visiting professors. The event was actively participated by the MSU deans of colleges, faculty members and research coordinators. In order to entertain some delegates, participants and guests, a cultural presentation was proudly performed by the MSU’s Sining Kambayoka Ensemble to grace the occasion with warm fuzzy showcasing the chromatic distinct identity and diverse cultures of Meranao tribe of Lanao.


Culminating the program right after the parallel sessions, KU delegates and the MSU deans of colleges, faculty members and research coordinators conducted a collaborative meeting. Some research areas for collaboration were identified, namely Halal Research and Development; Peace and Conflict Resolution in Muslim Mindanao; Early Warning System for Rainfall Triggered  Landslide and Flood on Disaster Risk Reduction Management; Indigenous Drug Discovery and Development; Utilization of Indigenous Plant Species to Address Climate Change, Environment and Biodiversity Protection, and poverty Alleviation in Mindanao; Rehabilitation of Endemic Cyprinid Fish Species in Lake Lanao; and Impacts of Lake Lanao Watershed Protection on Climate Change, Education, and Economy in Mindanao, among others.


It was learned that during the KU visit in Turkey headed by the MSU System President last year, a mutual understanding was reached for continued collaboration of the program between the two universities for the next five years including the development of a tropical environmental research center and the holding of a joint international conference on forestry and the related sciences. Indeed, the present administration of the Mindanao State University System under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Habib W. Macaayong, is fully supportive of the success and realization of this great endeavor that will redound to the benefit of the good people of Lanao, in particular, and Mindanao, in general. Thus, the tie that binds together the two universities is expected to grow stronger and last longer in all probability of sharing a common interest and vision.




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