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All grades viewed thru Akan are subject for verification from the Office of the Registrar. For Inquiries about your account, contact [email protected].
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Brief Description

Akan( pronounced Ak'un ) is an MSU Main Student Online Service designed to provide academic and other related information for the students of Mindanao State University - Main Campus. With MSU Akan, grades can be viewed online thru text messaging or thru the Kiosk at the College of Information Technology (CIT).

New to akanMSU Student?

Apply now personally at Information Systems Department (ISD) formerly EDP, CIT and discover the benefits of the new akanMSU Student.

Features :
       MSU Main Webmail account
       Online Pre-enroll Subject Facility
       SMS Grade Verification
       View Personal Profile
       Grade Verfication thru Kiosk
       Online Grade Verification
       View Evaluation of Grades
       View Enrolled Subjects
       View Incomplete Grades
       View Department Course Offerings