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 by Director Aliah P. Cali-Pascan, J.D., MPA, Sh.L. Some activities completed by Prof. Mujahida Ameenah D. Sharief and Nasrimah R. Sampaco References: Annual Report compiled by IREO and University Newsletters EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In summary, the achievements of MSU President Habib W. Macaayong in 2016 to 2019 are:


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 The Board of Regents of the Mindanao State University System Announces the Opening of the Search for MSU – Naawan Campus Chancellor   NOTICE OF SEARCH FOR MSU – NAAWAN CAMPUS CHANCELLOR   Minimum Qualifications:   1.    Not less than thirty-five (35) years old and not more than sixty-one (61) years at the time of application. Sixty-one (61) years old shall mean from theactual date of birth and not a day older beyond sixty-one (61) years old. 2.    A natural-born Filipino citizen. 3.    Holder of an earned doctorate degree from a reputable higher education institution. 4.    Proven track record as an administrator in a tertiary level educational institution (President, Vice-President, Chancellor, Dean, Campus Administrator, Academic Director reporting directly to the President or to a Vice President), whether in public or private, for at least five (5) years. 5.    Must not have been convicted of any administrative offense or of any crime involving moral turpitude.   An applicant who does not meet any one of the abovementioned minimum qualifications and cannot submit pertinent supporting documentary evidences for these minimum qualifications on the set deadline shall be disqualified from the Search Process. 

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The College of Fisheries envisions to be the lead institution in Fisheries education and the center for excellence in Aquatic Sciences in MINSUPALA Region.


The College of Fisheries is committed to set standards of excellence in instruction, research, extension and production as well as accelerate the exploration, management and sustainable development of the aquatic resources in the MINSUPALA Region.


As one of the academic units of the Mindanao State University System, the College of Fisheries aims to:

  • Accelerate the development of Fisheries and other aquatic resources;
  • Play an active role in the conservation and management of inland, coastal and offshore fisheries; and
  • Promote new and support existing aquaculture and fish processing industries in the MINSUPALA Region.


  • To promote quality graduates who can respond to the needs of programs designed for proper assessment of fishery stocks, conservation and management of fisheries and other aquatic resources and who can monitor fisheries stock utilization in the coastal waters of the MINSUPALA Region.
  • To formulate more stringent student admission and retention policies for the college to produce highly deserving students;
  • To reorient the existing college curricula to the development needs, trends and prospects of fisheries in the country;
  • To offer curricular programs that will prepare the students to become future educators, researchers, aquatic resources’ managers, aquaculturists, fish processors, extension service specialists and entrepreneurs;
  • To offer two additional baccalaureate and one graduate program in fisheries;
  • To establish linkages with other fisheries schools and improve relationship with other colleges within the MSU System to discuss and assist each one in curriculum development, faculty upgrading, human resource and facilities sharing;
  • To achieve 80-100% performance in fisheries board examinations;
  • To develop and write fisheries teaching modules and manuals that are relevant and applicable to Philippine conditions;
  • To establish local area network (LAN) and internet access;
  • To prepare the college for level 1 accreditation;
  • To revive the limnological station at Poona, Marantao and establish two additional stations in strategic areas in Lake Lanao shore;
  • To conduct basic and applied research studies aimed at sustainable development, management, conservation and endemic cyprinids and restoration of the dwindling fisheries resources in Lake Lanao;
  • To establish linkages with various agencies in the country such as BFAR, DA-BAR, PCAMRD of DOST and the Provincial Government for funding support of research and extension projects;
  • To revive the regular fingerling production and fish stocking program in Lake Lanao;
  • To embark on multi-pronged community service programs, training and seminars on trends and prospects on aquatic resources and ecology, aquaculture, capture fisheries and fish processing a well as conduct fish farm and plant visits;
  • To develop and write extension leaflets and manuals and provide assistance to fish farmers and other clients in the preparation of feasibility studies;
  • To develop new technologies and verify existing ones for adoption in various fisheries industries and livelihood programs; and
  • To develop and operate income generating projects for shrimp, milkfish, carps and tilapia grow-out ponds, sea weeds, mussels and oyster farms, carp and tilapia fingerlings, ornamental fish and processed fisheries products.


College of Fisheries
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