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 Congratulations to the Top 20 takers of the 2018 SASE & SHSEE exams!   SHSEE 2018 TOP 20  (Test Date: December 9, 2018)   Campus Preference: Marawi

Friday, August 17, 2018
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 The Mindanao State University Main Campus -Marawi bagged the six of the top 10 spots of the June 2012 Social Worker Board Exam as per latest announcement from the Professional Regulation Commission last Friday, June 29, 2012.


Brief History

The College of Community Development and Public Administration was one of the pioneering colleges in the Mindanao State University when it opened classes in 1962. Through this college, the University was able to establish linkages with other institution and engaged in several tie-up programs in community development, the only academic program which it initially offered.

The introduction of the new academic programs in Public Administration and Social Work in the 70’s and 80’s respectively gave way to the creation of three separate department and eventually renaming of the college into the present College of Public Affairs.

Since then, to cater to the emerging educational needs of the region, the college has expanded its academic offerings to include graduate courses in Public Administration and Community Development. It has likewise continuously upgraded these curricula both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and produced students who are presently occupied key positions in both GOs and NGOs.

The college has likewise continued to reach out to LGUs, NGOs and POs through research and extension activities in the field of Public Administration, Social Work and Community Development. These activities are made possible through tie-up programs with local and international organizations and funding agencies.


A nation where majority of its citizens are critically aware of and responsible for their identity, rights and obligations as Filipinos who are empowered to participate in the country’s political, socio-economic and cultural development towards a healthy internationally relationship with other countries in the global arena.


As an academic arm of state university tasked to bring about peace and development in the MINSUPALA region, the College of Public Affairs pursues a noble mission to bring about capable, efficient and moral governance, as well as responsive citizenry whether within the government bureaucracy, private sector or grass root communities that would facilitate the transformation of the above vision to reality.


  • To produce the necessary manpower both at the graduate and undergraduate levels, endowed with the appropriate knowledge, attitude and skills to serve the people through the government bureaucracy and its instrumentalities, as well as NGOs engaged in administration, direct delivery of social services, community organizing and mobilization.
  • To reach out to LGUs and the rest of the grass root communities in Mindanao through extension work in Local Government Administration, Social Welfare, Cooperatives, Community training, Social Development Planning, Community Organizing and Mobilization.
  • To conduct Mindanao based researches to improve instructions and extension in Public Administration, Social Welfare and Community Development; and
  • To establish linkages and tie-up with other activities with other institutions and organizations concerned with the aforementioned discipline and fields of specialization.


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