Admission and Registration in the Undergraduate Programs

(1st semester, 2013 - 2014)


1. Medical Exam for Incoming Freshmen (May 13-24, 2013)
2. Application for Admission and Enrolment of: 
a. New Academic and Science Scholars (May 14-17, 2013) 
b. New Special Muslim Grantees, New CBP Grantees  (May 16,17, 2013)
c. Other Freshmen (paying) and Upgraded CPC Students (May 20-24, 2013) 
d. Transferees, 2nd degree and other Pursuers, Old Students, Shifters (May 27-31, 2013) 
e. CPC Studentstrechnology students (May 29-31, 2013)
3. Advisement for Old Students (May 27-31, 2013)


For Freshmen: 

1. High School Report CardIForm 133-1 (Original)
2. Certificate of Good Moral Character from High School Principal 
3. Birth Certificate (original wi a photocopy)
4. SASE 2012 Report of Rating
5. 3 copies 2"x2" ID picture (latest photo) 

For Transferees: 

1. Honorable Dismissal and an Evaluative Copy of Transcript of Records 
2. Certificate of Good Moral Character from High School Principal 
3. Birth Certificate (original wi a photocopy)
4. SASE 2012 Report of Rating
5. 3 copies 2"x2" ID picture (latest photo) 

NOTE: The above requirements must be submitted to the Office of Admission during the schedule for filing of application for admission. 


1. Tuition fee: P50.00 per unit 
2. Other School Fees (for laboratory, computer, library, etc.) approximately amount to P500 to P2,000/sem (Except for Nursing which has higher school fees.) 


1. The MSU SASE (System and Admission Scholarship Exam) is a non-negotiable requirement for all forms of admissions, scholarship and study grants in the MSU System. The exam is administered once a year, during the First Semester, for graduating high school students who want to enroll in the University the succeeding year. 

2. SASE Scores: The MSU Marawi Campus adopts the following SASE cut-off scores for admission during the AY 2013-2014. 

Admission Status
Cut-Off Score 
Academic Scholar (All Tribes) [101 - 147]
Special Muslim Scholar (All Muslim Tribes) [90 - 100]
Qualified for AB/BS (Baccalaureate) (All Tribes) [75 - 100]
CBP 2013 (Muslim Tribes and Mindanao Lumads) [55 - 74]
CPC (Muslim Tribes & Mindanao Lumads) [55 - 74]
Technology (All Tribes) [50 - 54]

3. The CPC: The College Preparatory Course is a bridging program for those whose SASE scores did not reach the 75 cut-off. The students are required to enroll and pass for one or two semesters the CPC under the Pre-University Center (puq taking only the Pre-Univ. English (PUE), Pre-Univ. Math (PUM), and Values Education. If they pass the above subjects they shall be automaticallY allowed admission to the regular baccalaureate programs the following semester with the possibility that their PUB and/or PUM will be credited if their performance is very satisfactory. 

4. The Summer CBP: The CBP is 8 summer remedial program designed for Muslim students and Mindanao Lumads who obtained a SASE score of 55-74. The Tribe (Muslim or Lumad) must be indicated in the SASE rating. If they pass the CBP, they qualify for admission in the regular 4 or 5 years degree progtants the following semester. The Top CBP participants may be awarded CBP Study Grant 

Requirements for Enrollment in the Summer 2013 CBP: 

a.) H. S. Report Card or Certification from H. Sprincipal that the student is graduating this year,
b.) SASE 2012 Report of Rating 
c.) Certificate of Good Moral Character
d.) Enrollment fee of P400.00 
e.) Workbooks for English and Math (sold in the University Book Center) 
f.) 2 pes 2 x 2 ID pictures .
Enrollment for CBP 2013 is on March 25-27, 2013 and April 1, 2, 2013, and·classes start on April 3, 2013. 

5. Students who obtained scores below 50 may retake the SASE after one academic year. 

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