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Symposium on RP-US Relations in MSU Marawi in Celebration of the Filipino-American Friendship Day 2011

Posted on: Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Posted by: CIT-ISD

The IR 135 (Diplomacy of Europe and America), IR 100 (Diplomatic and Consular Practice and Procedure), and the Junior Diplomats Club (JDC) of the Department of International Relations of the King Faisal Center for Islamic, Arabic and Asian Studies, in partnership with the Professionals of International Studies in Mindanao (PRISM), the American Studies Resource Center (ASRC), and the Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao (IPDM) of MSU Marawi campus spearheaded by conducting a Symposium on RP-US Relations in celebration of the Filipino-American Friendship Day (July 4) 2011 on July 27, 2011 at IPDM, MSU, Marawi City with the theme: “RP-US Relations: Toward a Shared History and Commitment for a Lasting Friendship.”

The different topics delivered by the resource speakers composed the following: Camar A. Umpa, Ph.D., Former President of MSU System and President of Al-Kwarizmi International College (AKIQ) of Marawi City – “The History, Overview and Updates on RP-US Relations”; Mr.Rimas Radzius, the Commander, ODA 1224, Joint Special Operation Task Force – Philippines (JSOTF – P) based in Marawi City – “The US Security Concerns in the Philippines: The Case of Mindanao”; Marianita D. Dablio, Ph.D., Director, American Studies Resource Center (ASRC), MSU, Marawi City – The American Studies Resource Center (ASRC) Today”; Colonel Daniel A. Lucero, Commanding Officer, 103ed Brigade 1st Infantry Division, Kampo Ranao, Marawi City – Security Concerns in the Asia Pacific Region: Issues and Challenges”; “The Initiatives to Improve Bilateral, Regional and Interagency Cooperation to Counter Transnational Theats”; and “The Mindanao Problem and Its Significance to Philippine Foreign Policy; A Military Perspective”; and Prof. Juliet T. Mendoza, Faculty, Department of International Relations, KFCIAAS, MSU, Marawi City, and President, PRISM – “History and Updates on Philippine-American Friendship Day 2011”

Highlights of the messages and remarks of Her Excellency US Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton; His Excellency Philippine President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III; His Excellency US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K. Thomas; and His Excellency DFA Secretary Albert del Rosario were presented, while documentary viewing and a quiz show on RP-US concerns were also conducted during the said academic undertaking.

The said affair was well attended and supported by MSU thru KFCIAAS, AKIQ officials, and BS International Relations and AB Islamic Studies students of MSU and AKIC; the ODA 1224 JSOTF-P in Marawi City; and the 103rd Brigade Ist Infantry Division in Marawi City headed by Prof. Talib A. Benito, the dean of KFCIAAS; Prof. Paladan A. Badron, the assistant dean of KFCIAAS, who also served as one of the discussants in the said symposium; Dr. Marianita D. Dablio, the ASRC Director; Dr. Moctar I. Matuan, the Executive Director of IPDM MSU; Dr. Camar A. Umpa, President of AKIC; Ms. Stephanie Anne S. Canlas, the chairman of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy of AKIC in Marawi City; Mr. Hosnie L. Solaiman, the President of the Junior Diplomats Club (JDC); Mr. Rimas Radzius, the Commander of ODA 1224, JSOTF-P in Marawi City; and Col Daniel A. Lucero, the Commanding Officer of the 103rd Brigade Ist Infantry Division in Marawi City. The instructor of IR 135 and IR 100 classes is Prof. Juliet T. Mendoza.

(Source: Prof. Juliet T. Mendoza)


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