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Conference on Extremism and Moderation from Islamic Perspective

Posted on: Sunday, November 01, 2015
Posted by: CIT-ISD

Republic of the Philippines

Almaarif Educational Center, Inc.

Baguio City, Philippines

in collaboration with

Mindanao State University

Marawi City, Philippines

announces the


from Islamic Perspective



             The papers of the current symposium relate to what the world is witnessing nowadays of hyperbole and extremism which is wrongly linked to Islam. In fact, Islam renounces hyperbole, extremism, and disaffection in the name of its religion. Hence, the Almaarif Educational Institute in Baguio City in collaboration with Mindanao State University (MSU) holds its first symposium entitled: Extremism and Moderation from Islamic Perspective. The symposium will be held on the 11th and 12th day of February, 2016 in Baguio City, Philippines.


 This symposium aspires to:

1.    Accentuate the fact that Islam rejects as well as fights against hyperbole, extremism, and terrorism.

2.    Bridge the gap between the diverse viewpoints regarding the concepts of hyperbole and disaffection.

3.    Minimize the divisions as well as conflicts caused by the misunderstanding of the true image of Islam.

4.    Avail successful practices in restraining hyperbole and showing tolerance and moderation of Islam.

5.    Broaden the range of research interests as well as the exchange of thoughts in different fields of Islamic and educational sciences. 


1.    Establishing the fact that hyperbole and extremism oppose to the fundamentals of Islam and clarifying the tolerance of Islam.

2.    Scrutinizing the phenomenon hyperbole, its causes, and its results.

3.    Suggesting educational and social means to fight hyperbole, restrain its spread, and stop linking it to Islam.

4.    Presenting the efforts of some foundations and associations who were able to restrain hyperbole and show the tolerance of Islam.


            Almaarif Educational Center, Inc. (AEC) of Baguio City in collaboration with Mindanao State University (MSU), Marawi City, Philippines.


            Expertise House for Islamic and Legal Consultations


1.    Must relate to one of the topics of the symposium.

2.    Submitting an abstract of no more than one page stating the idea of the subject, its problems, and importance, as well as the objectives of the subject, the methodologies, and results.

3.    It must show originality and follow an academic methodology, and must be well-written.

4.    It has not been published before, or been submitted recently for other publications.

5.    The first page should include the paper's title, author, his title, the institution he works for.

6.    The paper must not exceed 15 pages.

7.    It should be written using a computer adhering to the following format:

-          Submitting two copies of the paper: one in a word format, and the other in a PDF format.

-          The Arabic body text should be normal Traditional Arabic (with font 16).

-          The English body text should be normal Times New Roman (with font 12).

-          The Arabic margins should be normal Traditional Arabic (with font 12).

-          The English margin text should be normal Times New Roman (with font 8).

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