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DOST-SEI Bangon Marawi Awards Scholarship Grants to College Students and Science Faculty at MOU Signing Event

Posted on: Monday, March 26, 2018
Posted by: Anonymous


DOST-SEI Bangon Marawi Awards Scholarship Grants to   College Students and Science Faculty at MOU Signing Event


Year 2018  started with favorable portents of the shape of things to come for 221 student grantees and 15 science faculty recipients of scholarships under the DOST-SEI Bangon Marawi Program in Science and Technology Human Resource Development (STHRD). DOST Secretary Fortunato T. de la Pena and SEI Director Josette Y. Biyo came for the Memorandum of Agreement Signing Ceremony and the official announcement of the roster of recipients of the scholarship grants under the said program on January 26, 2018, at the CHARM Pavilion.  


The final list was prepared and presented by Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Florencio Recoleto, Jr. Also present at the eventful program was Dr. Sukarno D. Tanggol, MSU-IIT Chancellor, who was the first to be contacted and consulted by the DOST-SEI team headed by Dr. Biyo, and graciously played the role of a conduit or bridge between the DOST-SEI and the MSU Main Campus in Marawi.


 In his Welcome Remarks/Message, MSU System President Macaayong quoted the Chinese Ambassador’s remarks:  “When you want to do good, do it timely.”  The boon delivered by the DOST-SEI Bangon Marawi Program could not be more timely for the beneficiaries, a total of 236 lucky grantees, many of whom are among the victims cruelly displaced by the protracted Marawi War. He reassured the DOST-SEI party that their assistance shall not be in vain:  “Our grantees will keep their part of the bargain. There will be returns on the DOST-SEI investment in our students and faculty. They are fully conscious of their obligation to pay back, and pay back even with interest.”


Secretary De la Pena and Dr. Biyo pledged sustained support and further assistance in the form of scholarship grants to the Mindanao State University. Their mission is lent greater urgency by the aftermath of the Marawi Siege.


The responses were made by Muamar Hadji Rasul for the student group, and by Ms. Rohaida Mama-Diamla for the faculty group. The latter, an Internally Displaced Person (IDP), tearfully gave an account of the family’s nomadic existence, moving from place to place, with an infirm father (a stroke patient) to nurse.  The scholarship grant is thus a blessing.   


The  student grantees are distributed among eight colleges:  College of Agriculture, 14; College of Education, 12;  College of Engineering, 63; College of Information Technology, 21; Lanao National College of Arts and Trades, 23; College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 75; College of Fisheries, 8; and College of Social Sciences and Humanities, 5.  The fifteen faculty afforded the opportunity to pursue graduate studies came from four departments of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics:  Physics, 2;  Biology, 5;  Chemistry, 3; and Mathematics, 5.  Seven of them will be working at their Ph.Ds.    



          After the MOA Signing, which was witnessed by other University Officials and College Deans, an Open Forum followed.  Dr. Biyo and other members of the team gamely fielded questions raised from the floor such as the ‘bias’  against the social sciences, culture, and humanities in the dispensing of largesse from government agencies like the DOST-SEI and the possibility of using a DOST-SEI grant for studies abroad.  


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