MSU Marawi Emergency and Disaster Response Center

Helpful Tips on Disaster Risk Reduction Management:

Prepared by: The Disaster Risk Reduction Coordinating Committee(DRRCC) and The Division of Student Affairs

  • Participation in seminars and drills for disaster risk reduction being conducted on campus;
  • Read and understand information materials about disaster risk reduction, preparedness and response being circularized;
  • In case of disaster and/or emergency situations on campus, call or text any of the following numbers:
Department of Security Services 0921-54-34-604 / 0919-71-37-184
Fire Department 0910-91-52-936
Brigade 0917-71-13-103
Philippine National Police 0920-94-77-033
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance 0939-93-95-654
University Medical Services and Hospital 0917-71-22-653 / 0918-44-53-491
Housing Management Division 0920-23-79-494
Motor Pool and Water System Division 0939-93-95-646
Physical Plant Division 0917-52-74-008 / 0917-62-47-297
Community Relations Division 0917-32-30-356
Division of Student Affairs 0921-78-70-941 / 0926-14-81-217
  • As may be necessary in cases of disasters, the staging areas or temporary evacuation areas on campus shall be the following:

1. Oval Grounds
2. Golf Course Areas
3. The open ground in between Macarambon Hall and Raja Indarapatra Dormitory

  • Prepare a handy emergency supply bag with first aid kit (adhesive strips, medical tape, wound dressing, etc.), perosnal effects (alcohol, antibacterial soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hand towels, etc.), clothing, blanket, canned foods and can opener, bottled water, flashlight, battery-operated radio and extra batteries.


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