Policies and Procedures on Holding Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities


Application forms for Extra and Co-curricular are available at the DSA and must be duly accomplished and submitted one week before the scheduled activity especially for evening activity, except for meritorious cases which will be determined by the Division of Student Affairs.

Posters and Announcements

  • Posters and announcements should be duly noted by the Division of Student Affairs before being posted.
  • Posters must be removed one day after the announced activity.

Requirements for the Use of MSU School Bus for Field Trips:

  • Application form for the use of school bus
  • Driver’s trip ticket
  • Travel order
  • List of passengers
  • Certification from the Dean of the College or Department chairperson that such field trip is related to the course syllabus.
  • Special order issued by the O.P.
  • Insurance coverage certificate

*No reservation will be granted unless all requirements have been accomplished.

University Facilities and their Use

The University has the following facilities available for student use via proper channel:

  • Science Lecture Hall – Dean, CNSM
  • Academic Buildings – Respective Deans or Directors
  • MSU Cafeteria – Cafeteria Manager
  • MSU Gym – Sports Scholarship Development Office as CSPEAR
  • University Video Service at the Audio-Visual Center-UVS Director

Recreational facilities for sports and games are available for use such as courts for basketball, volleyball, and tennis, oval ground for track and field events, swimming pool and bowling alleys.  They could be located by referring to the MSU Main Campus Map and the legend attached.


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