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About The College

The MSU College of Engineering was established in 1963 in support of the university’s mandate to provide the necessary professional and technical manpower for the development of the MINSUPALA Region, particularly on the education and training of technical manpower.

During the formative years of the University, the curricula of the different departments of the College of Engineering were based on the curricula of the UP College of Engineering. Later on, however, changes were made to make the curricula more relevant to the MINSUPALA Region. These curricula led initially to the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BSChE), Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE), Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE), and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), with the addition of  Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering (BSECE) in 2002. The degree Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (BSABE) was further added to the programs offered by the college in 2020 with the transfer of the ABE Department from the College of Agriculture to the College of Engineering.  

In addition to the degree programs, the College of Engineering through the Division of Engineering Technology, has also offered two-year diploma courses in Machine Shop Technology, Building Construction Technology, Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, and Furniture and Cabinet-Making Technology since 1979, all designed to provide the region with skilled technicians.  In 2015, Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology (BSET) with majors in Electrical and Renewable Energy, Machining and Fabrication, and Construction Engineering Management were added to the program offerings, with the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology offered in 2020.  

Throughout the Engineering program, emphasis is placed upon the development of the capability of every student to identify and face new problems, analyze them, formulate solutions, and implement them— processes that will occupy him over his entire professional career. The undergraduate program is an intensive education in fundamental areas underlying engineering. It is also an introduction to the life-long process of learning new concepts and facts, and methods that characterize a profession that undergoes rapid progress.

Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives

VMGO of the College


The College of Engineering echoes the vision of the Mindanao State University System and aspires to be a Center of Excellence in Instruction, Research, and Extension, transforming itself into a premier and globally competitive national peace university.


The College of Engineering at MSU – Main is also committed to:

  • Lead in social transformation through peace education and integration of the Muslims and other cultural minority groups into the mainstream society;
  • Ensure excellence in instruction, research development, innovation, extension, and environmental education and discovery;
  • Advance national and international linkages through collaborations; and
  • Demonstrate greater excellence, relevance, and inclusiveness for Mindanao and the Filipino nation


The College of Engineering at MSU-MAIN is committed to:

  • Provide and maintain quality engineering education in the MINSUPALA region;
  • Conduct technological research with emphasis on addressing the problems, needs, and development of the region;
  • Adopt, develop and improve technologies that can be made economically viable using local resources;
  • Provide extension services through technical assistance.


To achieve its goals, the College of Engineering at MSU-Main Campus is committed to:

  • Sustain quality faculty members and develop them academically, technically, professionally, and holistically;
  • Sustain quality students and develop them academically, technically, and holistically;
  • Sustain the acquisition and development of appropriate laboratory and other support facilities including related equipment, programs and services;
  • Sustain, expand, and further develop quality, relevant and responsive curricula in various engineering fields and related disciplines;
  • Explore, expand, and develop engineering and related researches which are relevant to the MINSUPALA Region as well as the Philippines and the ASEAN;
  • Explore, sustain, expand, and develop linkages with local and foreign agencies;
  • Conduct and sustain the appraisal and development of research potentials and local resources;
  • Have sustainable access to existing as well as new technologies;
  • Conduct seminars, workshops, symposia, lectures, and projects geared towards the application and adaptation of new technologies;
  • Conduct relevant extension services within the bounds of the service area and concern of the university.


Why Study Here?

Engineers are among the highest paid professionals in the world i.e. among Fortune 500 CEOs, engineering is the most common undergraduate degree. A career in Engineering brings prestige, financial security, professional success over a variety of career opportunities, intellectual development, and most importantly, the potential to benefit society.  For over  fifty years, since it was established in 1963, the MSU College of Engineering has produced over five thousand alumni working in all parts of the world, leading in different fields and areas of specialization — each exemplifying the ideals of resilience and strength, leadership and excellence, and the determination to survive and succeed despite difficult challenges.