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About Fab Lab Marawi

FAB LAB MARAWI is established through the collaboration of MSU-MARAWI and DTI. The center which is located at Macarambon Hall, 1st street, MSU Marawi City serves as a technology access center, training provider, service bureau and collaboration hub for innovations, research and development (R&D), and support services for the digital fabrication needs of Marawi especially those who were affected by the Marawi Seige.

It is envisioned that through the center, support technical expertise, relevant Science and Technology (S&T) services, infrastructure and facility requirements, will be more accessible for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the countryside. Provision of such facility will gear towards a more efficient technology development and transfer, facilitate commercialization of technologies, for a sustainable local economic growth and productivity.

The generation of significant research results and technological progress will lead to achieving competitive advantages. This vital step transforms research results to innovative products and services. However, the translation of theory into practice requires relevant facilities for commercialization and most often these types of facilities are not available locally. Thus, the need for an arts innovation center wherein both R&D and commercialization activities can be conducted. Through this and with the continued support of the current MSU System President ATTY. BASARI DIMAKUTA MAPUPUNO, FAB LAB MARAWI will bring innovation into the local MSMEs and help the Students & Researchers in their R&D endeavors.


“An innovation system that transforms ideas for value creation and wealth generation.”


“Prototyping, Collaborating ideas, Preserving and Innovation of Meranaw arts.”


FAB LAB MARAWI aims to provide access to digital fabrication machineries and technical expertise to aid MSMEs in prototype, product and technology development.


  • To be a technology access center by operating and maintaining a digital fabrication equipment suite.
  • To be a training provider by conducting training programs on digital design and digital fabrication.
  • To be a service bureau by providing and liaising research and development for product development.
  • To be a collaboration hub for local, national and international partners on arts innovation.

Employees Of The Fab Lab Marawi

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  • Engr. Acsara A. Gumal, Ph.DManager/Director
  • Nabil M. DadayanAdministrative Assistant III/Laboratory Technician
  • Mohammad G. DicaComputer Programmer/Laboratory Technician
  • Johaila Darimbang Alawi, MAISAdministrative Assistant I/Office Secretary
  • Hawla T. Cali, LPTAdministrative Aide VI/Laboratory Technician
  • Abdullah M. AboWatchman/Laboratory Aide
  • Mohammad Hamdanie M. Amanodin

FAB LAB MARAWI: The center for Meranaw arts preservation and innovation.



Fab Lab Marawi Contact Info

Fab Lab Manager/CDC Director

1st Street, Macarambon  Hall 
Mindanao State University
Marawi City, Philippines

+63 918 628 5491

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Social Info

  • Computer-aided design
  • Prototyping
  • Short-run production
  • Research and Development
  • Machine Utilization

Big Milling Machine

3D Printer Machines

Small Milling Machine

Embroidery Machine

Print and Cut Machine

Laser Cutter Machine

Wood Lathe Machine

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Koti/Betig is a spinning top or simply a top. It is a conical toy, usually made of wood, with a steel point at the bottom on which it can be made to spin. Ka-khoti  or the act of spinning the top  is played by coiling a rope around its body. Pulling the rope as the player throws the top will set it in motion to twirl. This is a common plaything among Meranaw kids, although it is not unique amon them as many cultures have the same game. The much bigger koti is called a betig, and playing a betig is reffered to as kam-betig.

3D printing moves beyond making prototyping

When compared to traditional production methods, 3D printing allows you to create complicated shapes with less material. In simple words, 3D printing brings ideas to life.  Since it was introduced, 3D printing has been making its way beyond expected in medical, industrial, engineering, small scale businesses and other production fields. 

In the Philippines, 3D printing is envisioned to unfold more innovations. The establishment of Fabrication Laboratories across the three regions made it possible for every MSMEs, student, and researcher to do almost anything in prototyping. In fact, in Lanao del Sur, Fab Lab Marawi has been active in collaborating with various MSMEs and Organization to provide them technical assistance that they need.

Recently, the partnership with Maranao Collectibles was a huge success. To meet the deadline,the proprietor of Meranao Collectibles, Ms. Salika Maguindanao, ordered 26 pieces of 3D-printed logos of the Philippine Sports Commission using the 3D machine. The said 3D logo was included in the PSC’s souvenir given to the participants during their IP games program in Sarangani. The use of a 3D printer speeds up the project and allowed them to innovate traditional maranaw craft by integrating technological products to the process. With that, Fab Lab Marawi will continue to deliver its excellent services to empowered the grassroots level in the usage of technology.

Why Visit Fab Lab Marawi?

Fab Lab Marawi gives everyone an easy access to the environment, the tools, the materials, and the cutting-edge technology needed to produce (almost) anything. Fab Lab Marawi is a physical location that provide access to digital and industrial-grade electronics and fabrication gear, as well as open-source software and prototyping support programs. Fab Lab Marawi serve as a hub for learning and innovation and are a place to play, create, learn, mentor, and invent.