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About The Unit

MSU-Saguiaran Community High School is one of the thirteen MSU-External Units and one of the pioneering high schools of Mindanao State University. The establishment of MSU-Saguiaran is a fulfillment to the objective of the University to facilitate the integration of the Muslim cultural community group into the national body.

The establishment of MSU-Saguiaran CHS was a fruit of the strong efforts of the late Mayor of Saguiaran, Hadji Ali Salacop Dimacaling and the first President of the Mindanao State University, Dr. Antonio Isidro, Before the absorption of the school. By the Mindanao State University in 1973, its early operations (1967-1969) were under the supervision of the District Supervisor of DECS, Supervisor Guro. Thus, some of the first teachers at the school were teachers from Saguiaran Central Elementary School. Upon its official absorption the Mindanao State University, able, qualified, and competent faculty members were hired at the expense of the university for the achievement of quality education (MSU-Office of the Assistant Vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, 1996). From then on, the school continued on being one of the feeder high schools of the Mindanao State University Main Campus. In fact it is from this school where the first Maranao Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Mindanao State University completed his secondary education.

Originally MSU-Saguiaran was located behind the Municipal Hall of Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur and was consisted of few classrooms only. To meet the increasing number of students and upon realizing the necessity of playground, the late Attorney Ibra Sani-Carim Indad, upon assumption into office as the elected mayor of Saguiaran in 1986, initiated the relocation of the school to an area of three-fourth hectare donated by the late Datu Cade Lampo. The school is located along the Marawi-Iligan Road. As of now MSU-Saguiaran Community High School is composed of 37 faculty members and 10 administrative staff headed by Dr. Rasmia M. Yahya-Muti, the school principal and Prof. Noraisah M. Cader, the assistant school principal.

The School's VGMO

Being in charge of the Mindanao State University’s community high school branches, one of them is the MSU-Saguiaran, the External Units has a goal of providing and equipping the students with the basic knowledge, skills, and values to grow academically, socially, and economically for the total developent of a well-rounded personality.

In line with the University’s vision to be premier-supra university in MINSUPALA region, the External Units envision academic excellence and the development of a well-rounded person.

In pursuing its vision, the External Units propose the following mission statements:

  1. To pursue relevant and responsive basic education;

  2. To prepare the students academically, physically, emotionally, and morally to whatever course they may pursue after junior high school;

  3. To tap the students’ inherent potentials to be able to serve the community and be an asset to society;

  4. To inculcate the Filipino values such as loyalty, commitment, industriousness, self-reliance, honesty, and love of country; and

  5. To develop a culture of excellence, peace and love of God.

Pursuant to these national secondary school objectives and those of the Mindanao State University, the MSU-External Units Continuously seek to provide a high level of instruction that will:

  1. Upgrade the educational preparation of socially-deprived students who are planning to seek admission to the university or other institutions of higher learning;

  2. Encourage scholarship by developing habits of honest, clear, constructive and critical thinking;

  3. Enable students to develop the wholesome values of integrity, devotion to duty loyalty to one’s own group but accompanied with tolerance and acceptance of others’ differences and the ability to cooperate with an understanding and true appreciation of the democratic way of life;

  4. Aid students in attaining physical well-being and developing wholesome play, good sportmanship, and sound creation;

  5. Help develop the arts and crafts of the community so that students may learn some skills necessary to hold future jobs or earn a living; and

  6. Improve the socio-economic conditions of the community it serves by helping in the campaign for health and sanitation; developmentof cottage industries, peace and order, literacy, and food production.

Courses Offered

  • Junior High SchoolGrade 7 to Grade 10
  • Senior High SchoolGeneral Academic Strand

Contact Info

Sittie Aliyah M. Metmug
Faculty/ICT Coordinator

MSU-Saguiaran Community High School,
Poblacion, Saguiaran,
Lanao del Sur, Philippines

+63 915 284 7169

Sun-Thu 7:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

Social Info

  • Rasmia M. Yahya-MutiSchool Principal
  • Noraisah M. CaderAssistant Principal
  • Moamerah S. ApinaoRegistrar
  • Norie C. PandapatanTreasurer
  • Ansary Pacalundo Jr.Guidance Counselor
Admission Policies
Admission Requirements
Retention Policies
  • For Freshmen

    • 1. Attend and pass the Freshmen Entrance And Scholarship Examination.

    • 2. No Lack units/ subjects in grade 6 certified by the school principal.

    • 3. Complete requirements (Card, Good Moral, PSA and Form 137)

  • For Senior High

    • 1. SHEE passer or Entrance Examination Passer.

    • 2. No Lack units/ subjects in grade 10 certified by the school principal.

    • 3. General Average grade is above 80 for old students and 90 for transferee students.

    • 3. Complete requirements (Card, Good Moral, PSA and Form 137)

  • For Freshmen

    • 1. FEASE score (grade 7) and SHEE score (grade 11)

    • 2. Card

    • 3. Good Moral

    • 4. PSA photocopy (2 copies)

    • 5. 2×2 ID picture (3 copies)

    • 6. 1×1 ID picture (2 copies)

    • 7. Registration Fee/ Enrolment Fee

  • For Old students

    • 1. Card

    • 2. 2×2 I.D picture (3 copies)

    • 3. Registration Fee/ Enrolment Fee

Junior High School

    1. Students with more than 2 units of failing grades are needed to retain.

    2. In the event that a student receives retained remarks twice, they are advised to transfer. 

Senior High School

    1. Students with more than 5 failing subjects for the two semesters are needed to retain.

    2. Students with 3 failing grades (final average) in 1 semester are advise to transfer.

Why Study Here?

1. Has Quality Education with Affordable Tuition Fees

The tuition fees in every school year only cost around 500-700 pesos. Half of the tuition fee will be rendered to our mother unit, MSU-Main Campus and half of it will be used in our school as school funds.

2. Stalwart Faculty Force

The MSU-Saguiaran faculty members are composed of doctoral and master’s degree holders. The school has a total of 37 faculty members as of S.Y. 2022-2023 it composed of 2 Doctoral degree holders, 11 Master’s degree holders, 15 faculty members who currently taking their Master’s degree and 9 Bachelor’s degree holder.

3. Home of Quality Graduates

Aside from the rewards and recognitions, one of the measures to determine the quality of a school is the success of its alumni. In fact it is from this school where the first Maranao Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Mindanao State University completed his secondary education (Dr. Aiman Calimbaba Cairoden). Aside from that most of the faculty members of MSU-Saguiaran Community High School are alumni of the said school.

4. Produce Topnotchers

The MSU-Saguiaran Community High School is always on the list of being a topnotcher among the 13 MSU- External High Schools. Those examinations are Freshmen Entrance and Admission System Examination (FEASE), Senior High School Entrance Examination (SHSEE) and System Admission and Scholarship Examination (SASE).

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