Looking Back

Our Founding Purpose



MSU System is committed to the development of man and to the search for truth, virtue and academic excellence.



MSU System is committed to:

Lead in social transformation through peace education and integration of the Muslims and other cultural minority groups into the mainstream society;

Ensure excellence in instruction, research development, innovation, extension, and environmental education and discovery;

Advance national and international linkages through collaboration; and

Demonstrate greater excellence, relevance, and inclusiveness for Mindanao and the Filipino nation.



MSU System aspires to be a Center of Excellence in Instruction, Research and Extension transforming itself into a premier and globally competitive national peace University.

The University Seal

Resolution No. 69

Resolved, that the University Colors be maroon and gold.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the University Seal be that drawn by Mr. Galo Ocampo showing a moro vinta in full sail as the Head of the seal; a Maguindanao lamp with three rays emanating from its flame surrounded by fern-like Maranao design as the Main Body of the seal resting atop a Maranao boat with the figure “1961” written on it; and the words “University of Mindanao” as the Bottom of the seal; to be kept perpetually in the University Musuem of the Institute of Research for Filipino Culture and a mimeographed copy of said University Seal hereto attached as Appendix “C” and made integral part of this resolution.

The MSU Hymn

“Himno ng Pamantasang Mindanao”

Music by Lucio San Pedro
Lyrics by Prof. Angelito G. Flores

Silahis ang katulad mong
Nagsabog ng liwanag,
Ng pag-asa’t hangarin
Ng pag-unlad.

Ang pook ng Mindanao
Tinanglaw’t pinalad,
Nang ikaw’y isilang
Na dakila ang hangad.

Ating ipagkapuri
Itong pamantasan
Ang buhay at pag-ibig,
Sa kanya’y iaalay.

Saan man naroon ay
Bigyang karangalan,
Dakilang paaralan
Pamantasang Mindanao.