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Brief History

MSU-Marantao High School was originally established as one of the pioneering community high schools (External Units) of MSU-Main Campus in Lanao del Sur under 1967 BOR Resolution No. 287, 27th meeting. Classes started in June 1968 under Sultan Guro Central Elementary School building. Salaries and wages of the faculty and staff were derived from a minimal tuition fee of about 200 students. the first principal was holding a part-time job being the principal of MSU-Marantao High School and at the same time of the nearby Elementary School of the town.

A 0.7299 hectare of the Guro family’s real property was donated, covered with duly accomplished Deed of Donation dated May 20, 1974.

But owing to the vital role of MSU-Marantao High School to the University, and being the feeder school and fertile ground to implement some of the programs and projects and asking favorably the petition of the prominent leaders and educators under the leadership of the town mayor, the late Sultan Cota M. Cornell the school successfully subsidized in the school year 1973-1974, during the administration of President Mauyag M. Tamano. Thus, faculty and staff were recruited through and by the office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

In 2019, MSU-Marantao Community High School opened its door to offer Senior High School to be able to attend to the needs of the Grade 10 completers. under the leadership of the Principal in office, Hanifa S. Guro-Guro, Senior High School has now 135 students who are officially enrolled in the General Academic Strand.


In line with the university’s vision to be the premier supra-regional university in Mindanao, Sulu, Palawan, the External Units envision academic excellence and the development of a well-rounded person.


In pursuing this vision, the External Units propose the following mission statements: to pursue relevant and responsive basic education; to prepare the students academically, physically, emotionally and morally to whatever course they may pursue after high school; to tap the the students’ inherent potentials to be able to serve the community and be an asset to the society; to inculcate the Filipino values such as loyalty, commitment, industriousness, self-reliance, honesty and love of country; and to develop a culture of excellence, peace, and love of God.


To provide and equip the students with the basic knowledge, skills, and values to grow academically, socially, and economically for the total development of a well-rounded personality.


MSU-Marantao CHS Contact Info

Hanifa S. Guro-Guro

Campong Inudaran, Manrantao, Lanao del Sur Philippines


Sun – Thur 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Why Study Here?

MSU-MARANTAO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL is committed to its goals. The cost of education is free. The range of teaching experiences of teachers broaden your knowledge and perspective and become a more-rounded person. The knowledge and experience you acquire here in MSU-MARANTAO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL can create possibilities of jobs and wonderful opportunities which can transform one’s life. With the help of the teachers and mentors, you become aware of your capabilities. You build confidence, resiliency, and determination which are important traits to attain goals in life. It gives students access to quality education that helps them prepare for their future.These are the key qualities essential in finding MSU-MARANTAO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL a good school as it allows students to enhance their skills and expertise, which are all vital to their success. It helps students make good decision by which would impact their lives in the future. So if you are to attend school and study, take it an opportunity to enroll here in MSU-MARANTAO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL for personal growth and development. We are all thankful that you made that decision.

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