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About The Office

The Regional Adaptive Technology Center (RATC) was, by BOR Resolution No. 128, Series of 1989, consolidated with Southern Philippines Center for Peace Studies (SPCPS) creating thereby the Extension Office (UESC of the Main Campus). However, with the passage by the Philippine Congress of Republic Act (RA) No. 10055 or the Philippine Technology transfer Act of 2009 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) particularly Rules 1, 4, 10, 13, 22, 24 and 25, the RATC is now proposed to be separated from the UESC and create the new office of Technology and Innovation Center (TIC) with a corresponding creation of a sub-office, MSU Intellectual Property Office (MIPO), and Entrepreneurship Training and Promotion Office (ETPO). This is an RDE center under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Extension and Development for purposes of aligning the OVCRED’s thrusts and programs with that of the National Government’s goals and economic agenda thru intensified university’s research, development and extension and technology transfer.

The TIC is responsible for programs, policies, strategies and procedures to identify, protect, manage, promote, commercialize and develop the university’s technologies and innovations by providing technical support through trainings and business strategies for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and would-be traders, technology business incubation to both private and public sectors when necessary, and assist faculty members and researchers in the  protection, management and valuation of their IPs and IPR. The TIC is composed of three units with support personnel from realignment of OVCRED staff: Administrative  and Support Staff Division (ASSD) supporting the Director and the other two units; ETPO which will provide technical support and business incubation for MSMEs; and MIPO which will assist in the identification and protection of research-generated technologies and innovations of MSU Main and its clientele. It is therefore, partly income-generating center of the university whose revenue shall be governed by Rule 22 of IRR for RA 10055 for use of the TIC activities.

Vision and Mission

  • VisionThe TIC envisions becoming a technology and innovation hub that empowers and provides quality services to researchers, Intellectual Property developers, and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in MSU and in the local communities aimed at reducing poverty in the province, in particular, and in the country, in general.
  • MissionThe TIC is established to encourage IP creations, innovations, and entrepreneurship in the academe and among community stakeholders through research and development, technical assistance to local entrepreneurs, and delivery of quality services geared towards the protection, management, and utilization of IP creations and innovations. Further, it acts to promote, develop, and bring the Meranaw cultural and halal products to new and established markets in the national and global scenes.


  • To coordinate with the academic, semi-academic, and administrative units of the University to monitor and account research-generated technologies and innovations of its faculty, students, and staff to determine IP potentials for protection, commercialization, and utilization;
  • To integrate existing national and University policies, programs, and activities aimed for the protection, development, promotion, and successful technology transfer of IPs in order to address the needs of both public and private sectors, particularly the industries;
  • To provide protection of the IP rights of University researchers and other stakeholders;
  • To provide technical support to MSMEs thru trainings, forums, exhibits, trade fairs, and other strategies to enhance product development, marketability, and competitiveness;
  • To assist the University and public/private researchers in the protection, management, valuation, and commercialization of their technologies through licensing and business incubation or start-ups; and
  • To ensure market-readiness of indigenous Meranaw handicrafts and other cultural food products of MSMEs and the service communities by giving assistance for their preservation and by providing technical support from pre-commercialization to successful disposition and sustainable marketability in local and international markets.

Personnel and Staff

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  • Sarifa Sofia A. Macarambon-Ali, JDDirector, Technology and Innovation Center
  • Maria Stella G. Codas, DBAChief, Entrepreneurship Training and Promotion Office
  • Johairah M. Gumampong, LPTExecutive Secretary / Trademark Specialist
  • Aynnah S. Pangandaman, MAN, RNCopyright Specialist
  • Norolain M. DisomimbaUniversity Research Associate I
  • Farhana H. Ali, LPTAdmin Staff / IP Trainer
  • Sambitory A. DimatundayAdmin Staff / Liaison Officer
  • Sohryne B. MasnarAdmin Staff


Office Contact Info

Technology and Innovation Center

2nd Floor, Mamitua Saber Hall
Mindanao State University
Marawi City, Philippines

+63 916 775 7347

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Trivia Post

The MSU Marawi Seal is a Registered Trademark.

The MSU Marawi Seal is a Registered Trademark. As such, the university announces exclusive right to the use of this mark. Individuals, entities, and enterprises who will use the seal for their business operations like the manufacturing and selling of merchandise (t-shirts, uniforms, jackets, mugs and etc.) should enter into a licensing agreement with the institution.
The licensing agreement expands the said right to the other party and includes them to the list of merchants authorized to use the mark of MSU Marawi in selling products and services.
Unauthorized use of the MSU Marawi Seal will be recognized as a violation of Republic Act No. 8293, otherwise known as The Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines. Violation of the said law is both criminal and civil in nature. Thus, violators will be dealt with accordingly.

2023 National Intellectual Property Month

The MSU Technology and Innovation Center, under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Extension and Development, is joining the #IPOPHL in celebrating National Intellectual Property Month 2023!
This year’s celebration honors the remarkable Filipinas who have succeeded in reaping the gains from their IP rights, all while making waves of positive change in their communities and the environment.
Through this celebration, the TIC together with IPOPHL, hopes to transform the vast, untapped potential of the Filipina into what can be the driving force behind tomorrow’s innovations and creations.


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MSU Marawi's TIC-MIPO received Bronze Cluster Award

The Technology and Innovation Center (TIC) of MSU Marawi, under the leadership of Dir. Sarifa Sofia A. Macarambon-Ali, JD, and Chief of MSU Intellectual Property Office in a concurrent capacity, is truly honored to be a recipient of the Bronze Cluster Award during the recent 2022 ITSO Presidents’ Summit at Sequoia Hotel Manila Bay on March 28, 2023.
With the theme, “ITSO: Hub and Generator of Future-Ready Innovations”, this year’s Presidents’ Summit was an occasion to recognize and award the Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO) members who have fulfilled the ITSO 2.0 Clustering deliverables for 2022. The occasion also allowed us to showcase our shared accomplishments with the ITSO network.
Special thanks to the Vice Chancellor for Research, Extension, and Development, PROF. FEMA M. ABAMO, Ph.D. who represented the MSU president in the said event. Of course to our beloved MSU System President ATTY. BASARI D. MAPUPUNO who has been very supportive of our endeavors in making this milestone a realization.
The Technology and Innovation Center (TIC) together with the other sub-offices under its supervision is looking forward to being at par with those globally competitive innovation-driven universities which had been successful in protecting, managing, and commercializing their Intellectual Properties.


  1. Institutionalize all technical and viable mechanisms and programs to assist innovators in protecting and promoting technological innovations;
  2. Conduct trainings, forums, and exhibits to capacitate and/or assist researchers, MSMEs, and local technology developers in developing and showcasing their technologies, innovations, and other products;
  3. Develop and recommend policies on research development, IP protection, and technology transfer in order to encourage innovations and entrepreneurship in the university, and to ensure utilization of research-generated outputs of public and private sectors;
  4. Develop and recommend policies to promote research and development of Meranaw cultural and other halal products geared towards their preservation, and ensure market access to Meranaw local products; and
  5. Build and develop a pool of faculty experts to aid in the technology transfer of research-generated outputs for utilization by the public and private sectors in order to maximize benefits therefrom; and assist IP creators and MSMEs by creating programs and activities to achieve local and national development and progress.

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