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About The Center

As per BOR Resolution No. 92, s. 1988, the Mamitua Saber Research Center (MSRC), formerly University Research Center, is responsible for the development and implementation of creditable research programs and projects. The Center, as research arm of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Extension and Development (OVCRED), coordinates the implementation, monitoring, and review of research policies, programs, systems, and standards consistent with system-wide minimum requirements. It also assists in the formulation of research policies for recommendation to appropriate higher authorities. In its desire to strengthen MSU’s research productivity towards accreditation and internationalization, the Center builds linkages with institutions and agencies to secure funds for research projects. This is in addition to the internal funding provided for faculty and staff researchers. Monetary incentives are also awarded to researchers who have published in peer-reviewed international journals indexed in reputable databases (i.e. Scopus and Clarivate Analytics) and who have presented papers in international conferences. Finally, the Center regularly organizes a University-wide Research Spotlight, MSU’s version of in-house review, which enjoins faculty, staff, and students to present their research to MSU constituents before presenting the same in international conferences to qualify for travel subsidy and cash incentives.

Historical Background

In 1961, at its first meeting to establish the Mindanao State University, the board of regents created the Institute of Research for Filipino Culture (IFRC). The office was one of the first four priority University department (including the colleges of liberal Arts, Social and Political Science and Education), which opened in June 1962, to implement the University Charter (Republic Act 1893). Section 2 of said Law says that the university

“… shall primarily give professional training besides providing advanced instructions in literature, philosophy, the science and arts More emphasis, however, shall be given in teaching of Filipino Culture, Art, Science, Philosophy and Literature. Researches on these lines shall be undertaken by the University.”

 In 1967, the IFRC’s name was changed to the University Research Center (URC) as its functions expanded to include other investigations in the broad fields of the humanities and the natural and physical science. READ MORE…

Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives


        MSRC endeavors to be a leading institution for excellent multidisciplinary research and quality publication responsive to the local, national, and global challenges and the main literature repository for the rich socio-cultural heritage of Mindanao in pursuit of making the Mindanao State University System an internationally competitive multiversity in the 21st century and beyond.


        The Mamitua Saber Research Center promotes and cultivates the research culture as it plans, implements, and monitors researches and outputs for presentation and publication guaranteed by the law on patents and intellectual property rights; channels national and international research funds and resources; facilitates the establishment of local and global linkages and collaborations; and serves as the main literature repository for the rich socio-cultural heritage of Mindanao.

  • To become a top performing research institute in the country and abroad;
  • To generate sustainable Commission on Higher Education (CHED)-accredited and SCOPUS, and Web of Science-Indexed publications for science and technology, social sciences, and humanities;
  • To become a consistent recipient of large-scale research funds and grants from prestigious national and international institutions; and
  • To become the main literature repository of the rich socio-cultural heritage of Mindanao
  • To establish a competitive atmosphere that encourages faculty, staff, and students to engage actively in quality research;
  • To lead the conception of relevant research programs and projects consistent with the thrusts and priorities of the University and the country;
  • To sustain researches that promote science and technology, social sciences, and humanities studies, and preserve the rich sociocultural heritage of the different indigenous peoples of Mindanao;
  • To plan, implement, and evaluate all research undertakings of the Marawi Campus;
  • To motivate research paper presentations in the local, national, and international scholarly gatherings;
  • To promote and sustain peer-reviewed CHED-accredited journal publications;
  • To endeavor research paper publications in international peer-reviewed and SCOPUS, and Web of Science-Indexed Journals;
  • To capacitate researchers in writing winning proposals and technical writing for paper publications;
  • To channel proposals to funding agencies and research resources in the country and abroad;
  • To guarantee research outputs, products, and inventions through the law on intellectual property rights and patents; and
  • To promote and sustain national, regional and global linkages and collaborations
MSRC staff are functionally designated in five (5) divisions of the center namely: Administrative Division, Publication Division, Folklore Division, Islamic Research Division, and Library.

Services Offered

  • Use of Research Library
  • Signing of University Clearance
  • Request for Cash Incentives for Published Papers and Oral/Poster Presentations and Paper Presentation Travel Subsidy

Office Contact Information

Jikiri Ilupa
Administrative Division Head

MSRC Building, 2nd St.
Mindanao State University
Marawi City, Philippines

+63 970 699 8199

Service Hours

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Social Info

Use of Research Library

Signing of University Clearance

Request for Cash Incentives and Travel Subsidy

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 In honor and memory of Dr. Mamitua Saber, an eminent historian and sociologist and founder also of the Aga Khan Museum and Natural Science Museum, the University Board of Regents issued Resolution No. 14, series of 1992, changing the name of the University Research Center to Mamitua Saber Research Center (MSRC).

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