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The University Library aims to be a dynamic learning and physical space that supports the University’s instructional and research objectives. It serves as a common ground for exploration, discovery, and experience. It strives to become a learning organization that develops skills in creating, collecting, consolidating, and delivering information and services to the Mindanao State University community and other target clients.

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Zaalica B. Edres, RL, MLS

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1st Street, University Library
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Locker Services

Hello, students! We have great news for you.

Due to increased demand, our locker services at the Reading Area (Main Library) have resumed. Please note that you must have a library ID card valid for the next two semesters to avail of a locker unit. Lockers will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and no reservations will be accepted.

If you’re interested, please inquire at the Administrative Services Division Office, 2nd Floor (Old Building) at the Main Library, to learn about the other requirements and usage guidelines.

Please be aware that this service is exclusively for the Reading Area. Lockers at the E-Library building will resume soon, so please stay patient.

Congratulations to the Work Immersion students from Philippine Engineering and Agro-Industrial College, Inc. and RC-Al Khwarizmi International College Foundation, Inc.! Your remarkable journey has provided you with invaluable experiences, knowledge, and skills. Remember that learning is a lifelong process, and embracing it will lead to personal growth, professional success, and making a positive impact on the world. Cheers to your bright and promising futures!

Did you know?

There’s a Magician’s Library in New York

The Conjuring Arts Research Center was established in 2003 in Manhattan, New York. As a non-profit organization, its primary role is to serve as a library for books on magic and related arts, such as hypnosis, ventriloquism, juggling, and sleight of hand. The library currently holds over 12,000 books on magic in numerous different languages, including rare texts from the 15th century. The collection is particularly strong in early magic, with over 500 books on magic printed before 1700. In addition to books, the library houses a number of magic periodicals, an extensive collection of manuscripts featuring magic methods, and holds approximately 20,000 items of correspondence between magicians.

To be posted soon!


Our Story

Originally, the University Library was housed in one of the classrooms in the Academic Building. Later, it was relocated to the Library-Museum Building, which was completed in the early 1962-1963 academic year. The library was well-stocked with general education books and basic reference materials. The University purchased a large number of books, which were supplemented by donations from Stanford University, the Asia Foundation, the University of the Philippines, Caltex, UNICEF, AID, and individuals.

Benifredo Sta. Maria, the first University Librarian, distributed textbooks to students in all years of all seven colleges of the University at the start of each term and collected them at the end. The College of Liberal Arts had the highest number of courses with 7,704 textbook volumes for 140 courses, followed by the College of Engineering with 83 courses, the College of Agriculture with 29 courses, the College of Business Administration with 28 courses, the College of Education with 31 courses, the College of Fisheries with 19 courses, and the College of Community Development and Public Administration with 18 courses. In total, there were approximately 350 courses with textbooks. Textbooks were used in approximately 82% of all courses across all colleges, with the College of Liberal Arts having the highest percentage of usage (94%).

Late in the year, the University appointed Mrs. Leticia E. Aquino, a former National Library librarian, as the new head of the University Library. She took over the position following the departure of the previous University Librarian, Mr. Benifredo Sta. Maria, who left to pursue his graduate studies in library science at the University of Hawaii with a grant from the East-West Center.

“University Library On the Spotlight: Unlocking Im/possibilities, Pushing the Limits”