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About The School

The MSU-Tugaya Community High School was established in 1977 through a Memorandum of Agreement between the president of the Mindanao State University and the stockholders of the defunct Tugaya Institute. As its name suggests, it is a feeder school of Mindanao State University envisions to provide quality instruction to students. Inspite of the fact that MSU-Tugaya CHS constituted 100 percent Maranaos equal to the students of the other places in intelligence and aptitude, yet they suffer from many unfavorable factors in social life because of their family customs values and traditions which have direct interference with the school policies and regulations as well as the classroom management activities. The students who are traditionally conservative social group are being influenced by the family traditions and practice in school. Thus, no learning situation can be meaningful without controlling the classroom environment necessary for a better learning of students. An attractive classroom, with adequate furnitures, equipment and instructional materials and devices contribute much for the success of the students. The faculty is an important agent of interaction both the extemal and internal environment of the school to provide warm, sympathetic and understanding atmosphere which is needed in affective teaching and learning processes. Thus, Secondary Education has always been dubbed as the weakest link in the Philippines Educational System. We are aware of report of this nature gleaned from newspaper and magazines and from feed back of observers in the field, official or otherwise, which provided us with insight into the condition actually obtaining in secondary education in our country. The establishment of the MSU Tugaya in 1977. was under the leadership of Prof. Asmalia Clarita Lomodag as school principal.


In line with University’s vision to be premier-super university in Mindanao, Sulu, Palawan, the External Units envision Academic excellence and the development of a well-rounded person.


In pursuing its vision, the external units propose the following statements: To pursue relevant and responsive basic education; To prepare the students academically, physically, emotionally,
and morally to whatever course they may pursue after high school; To tap the students inherit potentials to be able to serve the community and be an asset to the society; To in calculate the Filipino values such as loyalty, commitment and love of country; and To develop a culture of excellence, peace and love of God.

School Contact Info

Rohanie R. H.Tayeb-Pasandalan
School Principal

MSU Tugaya Community High School
Raya, Tugaya
Tugaya, Philippines

+63 977 624 8583

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Faculty Of The Department

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  • Prof. Rohanie R. H.Tayeb-Pasandalan, LPTSchool Principal
  • Prof. Rufaida R. Diapar, LPTSHS Coordinator
  • Prof. Nabelah S. Sambolawan, LPTGuidance Counselor
  • Mrs. Insirak P. Baulo, LPTAsst. Principal/ Registrar
  • Prof. H. Rohaifa Baicon M. Hadji Raufh, LPTSenior Faculty/ Filipino Coordinator
  • Mrs. Norhanifa M. Lomodag, LPTICT Coordinator

Unlocking Potential, Shaping Futures: Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives!

S.Y. 2023-2024

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Junior High

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S.Y. 2023-2024


The enrollment period for our institution is scheduled from August 1 to August 21, 2022, during the hours of 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. During this time, we are delighted to offer enrollment opportunities for both Junior High School and Senior High School levels. Whether you are seeking quality education for students transitioning from elementary to junior high or aiming to provide a comprehensive educational experience for those in their senior years, our institution is dedicated to providing excellent academic programs and a nurturing learning environment. We understand the importance of selecting the right school for your child’s educational journey, and our enrollment period is designed to facilitate a seamless and convenient process for interested students and their families. Our knowledgeable staff will be available during the specified hours to answer any questions, assist with the necessary paperwork, and guide you through the enrollment procedure. We look forward to welcoming new students into our educational community and supporting their growth and success.

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Choose our high school for its commitment to academic excellence, offering a rigorous and comprehensive college preparatory curriculum taught by experienced and dedicated teachers. Our supportive learning environment ensures personalized attention and guidance, fostering both academic and emotional growth. Students can engage in a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports teams, promoting well-rounded development. With comprehensive college and career guidance, our high school prepares students for their future endeavors. Our strong community and school spirit create a sense of belonging and camaraderie, making our high school an ideal choice for students seeking an exceptional educational experience that sets them on the path to success in college, careers, and beyond.

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