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In accordance with RA. No. 7722, known as the “Higher Education Act No. of 1994”, BP. 232, and Res. No. 321-2013 Commission en banc dated April 8, 2013, the Commission on Higher Education, pursuant to its commitment to the utmost achievement of quality, relevant and efficient higher education in the country, hereby adopted and promulgated the following Enhanced Policies and Guidelines of Student Affairs and Services (CMOA, Series of 2013), which define the scope, procedures, the extent of regulations as well as the mechanics of evaluating student welfare and activities for students enrolled in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) thus:

Student Affairs and Services (Article V)

Section 10. Student Affairs and Services (SAS)- Student Affairs and Services are the services and programs in higher education institutions that are concerned with academic support experiences of students to attain holistic student development. Academic support services are: those that relate to student welfare, student development and those that relate to institutional programs and services. Implementation of these services can be unique to an institution.

10.1 Student Welfare Services are basic services and programs needed to ensure and promote the well-being of students.

10.2 Student Development Service refer to the services and programs  designed for the exploration, enhancement and development of the  student’s full potential for personal development, leadership, and social  responsibility through various institutional and/or student-initiated  activities.         

10.3 Institutional Student Programs and Services – refer to the services and programs designed to pro-actively respond to the basic health, food, shelter and safety concerns of students including students with special needs and disabilities in the school.


VMGO of the Office


An integral instrument of the University that has strong commitment to serve for the general welfare and total development of students.


Maintain being a holistic support service provider to the students and other constituents of the University.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To provide avenues and opportunities for the growth and development of the students through alternative learning.
  2. To promote desirable cultural values that foster unity in diversity.
  3. To develop leadership skills.
  4. To train and provide opportunities for needy students to earn.
  5. To harness social consciousness of students to make them more responsive to the needs of the society.


Human Resources

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  • Aisa D. Munder, MAEdGCDirector
  • Faridah D. Alango, RGCGuidance Services Specialist III
  • Jalalluddin M. AlontoGuidance Services Specialist III
  • Raijana T. EsmailGuidance Services Specialist II
  • Alsi G. IggoGuidance Services Specialist II
  • Sittie Hakima C. SaniGuidance Services Specialist II
  • Ailene P. AmpogGuidance Services Specialist I
  • Raynidah M. DipatuanGuidance Services Specialist I
  • Rohanna Mayza M. RamosGuidance Services Specialist I
  • Aleesha L. TampiGuidance Services Specialist I
  • Myrna M. AsiraAssociate Professor V
  • Anilainie B. DipatuanMaster Teacher II
  • Bainisa Hadji ZainodenAdministrative Officer I
  • Adjani M. AlawiAdministrative Aide VI
  • Anisah D. SalisipAdministrative Aide VI
  • Nida U. DimalutangAdministrative Aide IV
  • Najib O. BaragonaAdministrative Aide III

Services Offered

  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Media and Online Services
  • Student Organizations Welfare and Development
  • Students' Special Concerns and Other Engagement
  • Administrative and Finance

Contact Us

Division of Student Affairs

Ground Floor, Domocao Alonto Hall
1st Street, Mindanao State University
Marawi City, Philippines

+63 919 246 2209

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Social Info

Guidance and Counseling

Student Individual Inventory
Shifting of Courses
Peer Facilitator Training
Mental Health
Research and Evaluation

Media and Online Services

  • Online Guidance and Counseling
  • Tele-Counseling
  • Online Psychosocial Support Services (PSS) and Consultation

Student Organizations Welfare and Development

Registration/Accreditation of Campus Student Organizations
Facilitation of SSG Election
Student Welfare Assistantship Program (SWAP)
Organizing and Regulating Student Variety Shows/Activities
Campus Organizations Athletic/Sports Fest
Recognition and Incentive of Student Organizations and Achievement of Members

Students' Special Concerns and Other Engagement

Releasing of Darangen Yearbook
Issuance of Certificate for Insurance for Educational and research Field Trips
Student Disciplinary Board Complaints and Grievance
Student Handbook
Mindanao Varsitarian
University Student Leadership Award (USLA)
DSA Ten Outstanding  Student Services Award (TOSSA)
Issuance of Good Moral Character Certificate
Selection of Delegates for AYALA, TOSP, ABOITIZ and Jose Rizal Model Students of the Philippines
Dormitory and Private Cottages
Student Trainings, Seminar-Workshop, Opportunities both Domestic and Foreign
Campus-wide and System-wide Leadership Summit

Administrative and Finance

Property, Supply and Logistics Support
Finance and Disbursement
Maintenance, Cleanliness and Security
Human Resource Matters (Leaves, Professional Growth, Travel, DTR)
Recognition and Incentives
Semestral Retreat
Complaints and Grievances
Inventory of Property
DSA Activities
Good Moral Certificate
Signing of University Clearance

Shifting Requirements

For those who plan to shift, please comply with the following requirements before securing Shifting Form;

  1. Evaluation Sheet (latest printed copy)
  2. Latest Grade Card (previous semester)
  3. EBF/COR (previous semester)
  4. University ID
  5. College Clearance
  6. 1×1 ID picture

Upon securing the form, please follow the steps and make sure you get to meet your assigned Guidance Counselor in your respective college.

Available Darangen Yearbooks

        • 1990         2000            2012           2014 (College)
        • 1991          2007            2013           2015 (College)
        • 1992         2008            2017            2016 (College)
        • 1993         2009            2019            2018(College)
        • 1995         2010             
        • 1998         2011            

Please present your University Clearance and valid ID upon claiming your Darangen.


ARCSO Application

Application for or renewal of the registration is done annually. The period for application is set on the first thirty (30) days from the start of classes every academic year.

The following documents MUST be attached to the application;

  • Updated Constitution and By-Laws (CBL)
  • Duly accomplished DSA-RCSO Forms A, B and C
  • Updated financial statement signed by the organization’s Head/President and noted by the Faculty Adviser/s
  • Accomplishment report from the previous Academic year
  • Projected activities with target date for the current Academic year

Please visit the DSA and look for the assigned Staff for further inquiries.

DSA Milestones

  1. SWAP Lecture Series (details to follow)

           ** The Significance of Lailatul Qadr (April 12, 2023)

           ** Eidl Fitr Celebration and Team Buidling (SWAP&SANTA) [May 4, 2023]

           ** Seminar-Workshop on Enhancing Working Management Attitude towards Quality Services                            (May 11, 2023)

      2. SC Activities (details to follow)

          ** Serenade (June 5, 2023)

          **Fun Run (June 14, 2023)

          **Seniors’ Ball (June 26, 2023)



For currently enrolled students:

        **University ID

        **Certificate of Registration (COR) 

For graduate students:

        **University Clearance 



      **Official Receipt from UBO (for Graduating)


Find Us

We are available during office hours from Monday to Friday. Should you have inquiries, you are warmly welcome to visit at your convenient time. For the Guidance and Counseling section, Walk-in counselees are very much welcome. Our Guidance Services Specialists are on their respective cubicles, ready to meet and greet with you. See you around!