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The Office of Information, Press and Publication serves as the leading arm of the Mindanao State University in information gathering, organizing, processing, and disseminating through various channels such as websites, newsletters, press releases, and social media while ensuring that accurate and timely information is communicated to the University constituents and clients. It also plays a key role in managing the university’s public relations and media relations activities, including handling  inquiries and distributing press releases. In addition, it works closely with different units to gather information, coordinate messaging, and maintain consistent communication strategies. The primary goal of OIPP is to promote transparency, enhance the university’s reputation, and build positive relationships with both internal and external clients by effectively communicating information about the university’s policies, programs, activities, achievements, and initiatives.

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Ground Floor, Meranaw Cultural Heritage Center (at front of the College of Engineering)
Mindanao State University
Marawi City, Philippines

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Monday to Friday (8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.)

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December 2023 Newsletter Issue is Out!

December 2023 Newsletter

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June 2023 Newsletter Issue


On July 6 & 7, 2023, meetings were held at the City Garden Suites Hotel in Manila between Mindanao State University Systems Officials and Kastamonu Üniversitesi's Director of International Office, Dr. Mustafa Ozturk Akcaoglu.

After the Execom Meeting of the MSUS Board of Regents in Manila, July 6, the officials were invited to have a collaboration meeting with the Kastamonu University representative to discuss further collaborations. The meeting was focused on exploring new opportunities for the Universities to partner, particularly in the areas of scholarships, research, and English Language Programs.

On the second day, July 7, the President of the system, Atty. Basari D. Mapupuno had an embassy meeting with the Turkey Ambassador to futher enhance such collaboration. Meanwhile, another meeting with Vice Presidents and Vice Chancellors was held to answer further questions on the possibility of having more research and academic programs. Further, the meeting opened the opportunity for all MSU students to attend the upcoming scholarship examinations for all interested students to Turkish Universities that will be held in Marawi and Tawi-Tawi.

Kastamonu, MSUS discuss new collaborations

OIPP-Designation-Bulletin-Atty-Rashid-V.-Pandi-as-PMS-DirectorSO 334-2023 - Mohammad Ali Hadji UsmanSO 148-2023 Almayrah Tiburon SO 841-2022 - Saidamen Limgas


OIPP was formally established on August 15, 1970 through the BOR Resolution No. 557, Series of 1970, making it as one of the pioneering offices of MSU-Main Campus in Marawi City. It was created to systematize and strengthen the press and publication programs of the University through information gathering, processing, and disseminating. The original building of OIPP has remained standing for more than five decades already before the office was temporarily transferred to the Meranaw Cultural Heritage Center.

OIPP as One of the Pioneering Offices of MSU

Why visit us?

OIPP brings MSU to the limelight in the fields of instruction, research, extension, and administration. It is in-charged of collaborating with the various constituents of the University to elevate its profile by gathering, processing, and disseminating reliable information in a form of good and relevant news through different media platforms and publication. Thus, OIPP plays a vital role in enhancing the university’s visibility, reputation, and communication, ensuring a well-informed and connected community.

OIPP: Your Channel for Reliable Information and Empowered Voices