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The Office of Information, Press and Publication (OIPP) was created through the BOR Resolution No. 557, Series of 1970 on August 15, 1970. Being directly under the Office of the President of the MSU System, OIPP is tasked to serve the University in information gathering, processing, and dissemination. It is mandated to systematize and strengthen the advocacy programs and provide assistance to the publication and production mechanisms of the University through information and multimedia strategies.




OIPP aspires to be the leading unit in delivering information particularly in conveying the plans, programs, activities, and advocacies of the Mindanao State University in terms of Instruction, Research, Extension, and Administration through globally competitive publication and productions.



 OIPP is committed to:

  • Secure reliable and transparent information, documentation, publication, and production in order to sustain the University account and legacy throughout the generations;
  • Ensure excellence in information delivery to the University constituents and clients by assuring accuracy, relevance, and timeliness;
  • Respond to globalization trends by strengthening the University’s information and communication system and enhancing its multimedia strategies;
  • Value the essence of maintaining harmonious and inclusive relationship with the University constituents and clients in achieving excellence and transformative development; and
  • Empower the citizens especially the University constituents to combat disinformation and misinformation through capability buildings and information campaign initiatives.

Organizational Hierarchy

OIPP is headed by a Director whose main function is to produce a cohesive vision to lead the office in realizing its mandate by supervising and facilitating the office’s services especially its information, publication, and production components. Next to the Director is the Assistant Director who is in-charged in providing support to the Director particularly in managing and training of employees, developing programs that serve the best interest of the office, overseeing financial transactions of the office, and ensuring that the day-to-day operation runs smoothly.

OIPP is composed of three divisions such as: Administrative Services Division, Information Management Division, and Creative and Production Services Division. Administrative Services Division (ASD) provides the unit with general administrative support services that includes the management of personnel, records, and supply and the maintenance of the unit’s physical structure. Under this division are the Personnel Section that is in-charged for the management of the unit’s human resources and is concerned with the establishment of harmonious working relationship among the employees and bringing out their utmost individual development; the Record Section that is mainly responsible for maintaining an efficient records management system for filing, retrieving, and archiving necessary documents of the unit; the Supply Management Section that is primarily responsible for the management and maintenance of the office resources and supplies particularly the identification, acquisition, and management of physical goods, services, and any other necessary resources that enable the unit to continue operating and growing; and the Maintenance Services Section that is in-charged for the inspection of office equipment and furniture and the performance of any basic repairs or preventative maintenance in the unit when required.

The Information Management Division (IMD) provides the editorial content of the unit’s communication platforms and manages the social media accounts and website. Under this are the Information and Writers’ Section that is responsible for creating and enabling communication within the University and both news media outlets and general public. They are accountable in ensuring that any statements released to the press and the public follow the University guidelines, are accurate, and adhere to official policy or laws; and the Information System Management Section that is concerned for the operation of OIPP Information System particularly in the OIPP website and social media accounts.

The Creative and Production Services Division (CPSD) conceptualizes and develops the message themes, storylines, scripts, storyboards, and tests needed for media production which includes print, e-media materials, and video for mass dissemination. It includes the Print Production Section that materials particularly the University Gazettes or Newsletters, Souvenir Programs, among others; and the Video Production Section that develops and produces University multimedia content.

  • Gathering, Processing, and Disseminating University InformationBeing the information hub of the Mindanao State University-Marawi, OIPP gathers, processes, and disseminates information from the different campuses and units of the University. This information includes various programs, pronouncements, policies, and activities of the University, which can be accessed by all of its clients.
  • Responding to the Inquiries of the ClientsThe office receives, facilitates, evaluates, and provides information through its Public Assistance and Complaint Desk (PACD), Mobile Numbers, Email Addresses/Accounts, Official Facebook Page, and Website.
  • Enhancing University Photos This refers to the process of editing digital photos, illustrations, or prints of the University by enhancing or improving its quality and resolution. This service is being rendered for the best interest of the University.
  • Facilitating the Application, Production and Releasing of MSU Alumni and ARTA ID CardsOIPP facilitates the issuance of MSU Alumni and ARTA ID Cards from application, production, to the releasing process. The minimum processing time is within seven working days. Clients are being notified thru SMS when the ID cards can already be claimed.
  • Facilitating the Application and Releasing of Graduation PhotosOIPP facilitates the application and releasing processes of the darangen and graduation photos of the MSU graduates. Clients may apply for graduation photos during the set scheduled by the office. The releasing period is a month after the application period at normal circumstances.
  • Producing Creative Multimedia Layouts and PresentationsOIPP produces creative multimedia layouts and presentations that are used for University communications and displays. These multimedia layouts and presentations include animation, video, audio, or interactive features like forms, excerpts, and popups.
  • Submitting News Articles for Publication and Producing University Newsletter OIPP receives news articles from other units of MSU-Marawi for publication through the University Newsletter, the University’s official quarterly publication. It is published by the Office of the President on a quarterly basis through OIPP.

OIPP Staff

  • CALI, Muhammad Tawfiq CayamandaAdministrative Aide VI / Senior Layout Artist
  • CAÑETE, Jessie LoberesAdministrative Aide IV / Photographer
  • DITANONGUN, Aquisah YahyaAdministrative Aide I
  • GALANTO, Moomina MaruhomAdministrative Aide IV
  • GURO, Jalalia BaguindaAdministrative Aide III / Record Officer
  • HADJI ALI, Al-Anisah MasacalAdministrative Aide III
  • HADJI USMAN, Mohammad Ali TuasanHead Pressman / University Photographer
  • MACALANGCOM, Dainoden MarohombsarAssistant Director
  • MACASUNDIG, Madiha AzisAdministrative Aide VI / Data Gatherer
  • MANAMPARAN, Junaid AlilangAdministrative Aide V / Photographer
  • MARUHOM, Asa-ad PangcogaAdministrative Aide IV / Liaison Officer
  • PUNDAMUDAG, Mailon DimakutaAdministrative Aide VI / OneMSU Talk Coordinator
  • ROMAPA, Camaloding PologAdministrative Aide IV / Liaison Officer
  • SAADODEN, Calima LacsAdministrative Aide IV
  • SAMPACO, Nasrimah RinandangAdministrative Assistant / Senior Editorial Staff and Layout Artist
  • TAMBIDAN, Hasmin MallariAdministrative Aide VI / Editorial Staff and Layout Artist
  • TANGGOL, Norhakim DilausanAdministrative Aide IV
  • TUMOKIAS, Alfredo VillarinoAdministrative Aide I
  • USUDAN, Salivia RamosAdministrative Aide V

The Director


Prof. Sorhaila L. Latip-Yusoph, PhD is currently the Director of the MSU-Meranaw Cultural Heritage Center and the MSU-Office of Information, Press and Publication. She is a multi-media practitioner and educator from the Departments of Communication and Media Studies and the Graduate Department of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Mindanao State University in Marawi City. With her academic background, she finished her Bachelor of Arts in English in 1998 from the Department of English, CSSH, MSU-Marawi. She graduated her Master of Science in Development Communication at the University of the Philippines-Los Baños in 2006; and her Master of Arts in Language and Communication Research at the University of Cardiff in the United Kingdom of Great Britain in 2011. She finished her Doctor of Philosophy in Language Studies from the Mindanao State University- Marawi City in 2022.

Contact Information

Office of Information, Press and Publication
2nd Floor of Meranaw Cultural Heritage Center (MCHC), Mindanao State University-Main Campus, Marawi City                                                                          09309805320
or 09388326482   

Service Hours

Our office is open from                                            Monday to Friday (8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.)

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OIPP brings MSU to the limelight in the fields of instruction, research, extension, and administration. It is in-charged of collaborating with the various constituents of the University to elevate its profile by gathering, processing, and disseminating reliable information in a form of good and relevant news through different media platforms and publication.
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The President’s Book of 2022 Speeches is launching on March 21, 2023!




To all MSU Constituents:

This circulated memorandum is FAKE and fabricated by individuals outside the authorized offices of the MSU System. Please do not share fake info. Memo no. is reused and the subject is clearly edited.

Please remain vigilant, dear MSUans!

The Official Memo has yet to be issued. Kindly standby for further information, InshaAllah!

MSU-Marawi starts COPC

The opening program for the Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) from the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education- Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (MBHTE-BARMM) of the Mindanao State University – Main Campus was held yesterday at the MSU-International Convention Center. It was attended by the program evaluators from different academic institutions in Mindanao and the MBHTE Team headed by Director General Marjuni M. Maddi and the MSU officials.

As part of the program, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Amerkhan G. Cabaro gave the opening remarks and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Alma E. Berowa motivated everyone in her message. Final remarks were given by the System President, Atty. Basari D. Mapupuno and responded by a message from DG Maddi of MBHTE.

Some unit heads, college deans, and few faculty members and staff of various MSU units who will be partaking in the activity were also present to the event. Among them were Director Linang M. Cabugatan, PhD of Agakhan Museum & Natural Science Museum and Director Aisah D. Munder of the Division of Student Affairs who both uttered how this COPC will help in upgrading and evaluating the standing of the University. Their offices will be among the selected semi-academic units that will be personally inspected by the evaluators.

Dean Monaimah G. Manabilang, PhD of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) emphasized that this activity will determine the relevance of the offered programs to the BARMM and to the world in general.

“When our programs are certified, they will gain more authority to respond to the issues and challenges our world is facing today. It is in education that we receive moments of enlightenment which all of us need to make positive transformations,” she said.

This same statement was corroborated by Dean Ainnie M. Gangco, MSHM of the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management (CHTM) when she emphasized that the COPC is one of the ways for a university to be well known in the world.

According to Clesan R. Calbe-Naga, a faculty of CHTM, “We need COPC to continuously offer BS Hospitality Management program in the BARMM through the mandate of RA 10931 otherwise known as the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act.”

On a brief interview with Dr. Sophia A. Sharief of MBHTE-BARMM, she explained that this COPC is the initial step before SUCs or LUCs can be accredited to higher levels. COPC is issued to specific degree programs being offered by SUCs or LUCs that have fully complied with the policies, standards and guidelines of CHED or MBHTE after undergoing rigid inspection and assessment by the accrediting team.

Further, it is noted that it was in 2021 when 41 academic programs of MSU-Marawi passed the accreditation conducted by the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP). In fact, the University was also named the Top 1 Performing SUC with the highest number of Level I Accredited programs during that time.

Finally, this activity is also part of the 10-point Agenda of the MSU System President, Atty. Basari D. Mapupuno particularly on taking bolder strides toward academic excellence. The evaluation of documents of the participating programs and offices commenced in the afternoon yesterday, March 13 and will be concluded on March 16, 2023.




WRITERS and INTERVIEWS BY: Nasrimah R. Sampaco-Fayez, Mailon D. Pundamudag, Al-anisah M. Hadji Ali and Madiha A. Macasundig

The MSU Seal


Resolved, that the University Colors be maroon and gold.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the University Seal be that drawn by Mr. Galo Ocampo showing a moro vinta in full sail as the Head of the seal; a Maguindanao lamp with three rays emanating from its flame surrounded by fern-like Meranaw design as the Main Body of the seal resting atop a Meranaw boat with the figure “1961” written on it; and the words “University of Mindanao” as the Bottom of the seal; to be kept perpetually in the University Museum of the Institute of Research for Filipino Culture and a mimeographed copy of said University Seal hereto attached as Appendix “C” and made an integral part of this resolution.