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Welcome to the Mindanao State University Property Office!

At Mindanao State University, we understand the importance of efficient and organized management of resources. That’s why we are proud to introduce the Mindanao State University Property Division – your gateway to streamlined property management.


Mindanao State University System aspires to be a center of excellent in instruction, research and extension transforming itself into a premier and globally competitive national peace university.


The Property Division seeks to help the university through providing effective and efficient service to the students, faculty, and staff by receiving, recording, monitoring and storing university records and properties. It aims to maintain a productive and formative department that is committed to the need of the university.


  • To maintain smooth and well-working equipment to the different office of the University
  • To make sure that there is enough members of togas for graduating students.
  • To manage the employees of the office in providing well-organized method in performing assigned tasks.
  • To promptly address to the needs of the University students, faculty and staff.
  • To provide fully enough service to the University.


  • To monitor the equipment of the University by taking physical inventories.
  • To receive, record and issuance of Property Acknowledgment Receipt (PAR) and distributing properties by the University excluding construction.
  • To receive, store and dispose of unserviceable properties.
  • To safely keep and distribute University togas for graduating students during graduation and when returning of togas.

Office Contact Info

Alamina S. Sumandar

San Antonio Isidro Hall Building, 2nd St.,
Mindanao State University
Marawi City, Philippines

+63 9275726909

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Property Division Staff

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  • Juhary B. Pangandaman, Ph.D.Director
  • Alamina Sumandar, LPT, CSPESecretary
  • Nasib MambuayAdministrative Officer II
  • Sagira B. BalasAdministrative Officer I
  • Noraida Mauna, CSPE, MPAAdministrative Assistant III
  • Abdulazies Dipatuan, LPT, CGMAdministrative Assistant II
  • Sittie Janinah Sampaco, CGM, CSPE
  • Aslia GuilingAdministrative Assistant I
  • Jamael UsmanAdministrative Assistant I
  • Alimatar DiamlaAdministrative Aide VI
  • Alipandao LabunudAdministrative Aide VI
  • Jaded AmpogAdministrative Aide IV
  • Jasmin Hadji Solaiman Administrative Aide IV
  • Fatima Johaina MaruhomAdministrative Aide IV
  • Sarah Deca, MPAAdministrative Aide IV
  • Abdulazis DiamlaAdministrative Aide I
  • Noraldin Mauyag Administrative Aide I
  • Jhunry DulayAdministrative Aide I

Whether you’re a student looking for information on campus facilities, an employee in need of asset management guidance, or simply seeking to learn more about our efforts, the MSU Property Division is here to serve you. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of accountability, transparency, and sustainability in all our endeavors.

Services Offered

  • Prepares Property Acknowledgement Receipt (PAR) and Inventory Custodian Slip (ICS) for all PPE and semi-expendabe items.
  • Conduct Physical Inventory for all PPE and consolidate the same for the preparation of Annual Inventory Report.
  • Disposes waste materials and all unserviceable equipment in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Issues clearance from property accountability of all officials and employees
  • Maintains and updates master lists of inventories of all PPE and inventory items


  1. Planning the Inventory Taking

The head of Property Unit prepares the Inventory Guidelines and sends them to the Agency Head for Approval.

Plan of Physical inventory and a set of written instructions shall be prepared for observance during the inventory taking.

To ensure efficiency and fast work, inventories must be arranged and properly labelled with inventory tags serially pre-numbered and prepared in duplicated copies separating the top and bottom portion of the tags.

  1. Creation of inventory Committe
  2. Physical inventory Taking

The inventory crew shall take the actual count, weight or measure of the object of inventory. The name of its inventory item, code, number, location, count, weight or measure is written on the Inventory Summary Sheet.


Before the equipment is subjected to repair the following procedures/actons should be considered.

  1. Identification of equipment to be repaired. When the repair is more than thirty percent (30%) of its fair market value, the property is no longer economically repairable.
  2. Preparation of Request for Pre-Repair inspection
  3. Conduct of Pre-Repair Inspection
  4. Preparation of Pre-Repair Inspection Report
  5. Preparation of Waste Material Report
  6. Conduct of Post-repair Inspection



The following procedures should be observed in the processing of Disposal of Property, Plant and Equipment and in the conduct of the Disposal of Property, Plant and Equipment:

6.1. Colleges/Offices submit to Property Office (PO) the waste materials for condemnation.

6.2. PO will receive condemned waste materials and place them at the bodega.

6.3. PO will repair Receipt for Returned Property.

6.4. PO will prepare waste material report for semi-expandable items, Items and Inventory report for non-expendable items.

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Re: Graduation Toga Ticket and Toga Distribution

  1. Upon claiming, please bring your Official Receipt from UBO
  2. University ID
  3. University Clearance (at least 3 to 5 signatures)
  4. Notice from Registrar (if cleared)
  5. Notice from ICTC (for Laptop)
  6. Graduation Form
  7. A deposit fee of 1000php (refundable)
  8. In the event of the unavailability of the student, proxies will be honored, just bring a letter of consent, Official Receipt, Grad Application and University ID
  9. Signed Contract of Agreement (Available in the Property Division)
  10. Returning of togas starting after the commencement exercise (without Penalty). However, there will be a PENALTY CHARGE of 500php, if the toga will be returned ONE WEEK after the commencement exercise.



The PROPERTY DIVISION INVENTORY COMMITTEE has completed comprehensive Phase 1 and Phase 2 physical counts of all PPE, office equipment, furniture, and fixtures throughout the University, including its affiliated Community High School. These audits were conducted from May to July 2023 and continued from November 2023 to May 2024. Furthermore, the Property Division Inventory Committee has effectively managed the disposal of unserviceable properties during Phase 1 and is currently awaiting feedback from COA for the final decision. 


  1. Verify that all supporting documents such as Purchased Order/Request, delivery receipt and any relevant attachments are complete and attached.
  2. Notify the Commission on Audit and distribute a copy of Notice of Delivery (prepared by the Property Office) who needs information for their record.
  3. Prepares Inspection and Acceptance Report to be inspected and signed the same by the Property Inspector and documents on-site Photos of each items/equipment.
  4. Prepares the Property of Acknowledgment Receipt (PAR) and Inventory Custodian Slip (ICS) to be signed by the head of office/college (end-user) and return to Property Office for processing and record purposes.
  5. Final signature and approval shall be done by the head of Property Office and review all the completed work and associated supporting documents if applicable.
  6. Ensure that the PAR/ICS has been accurately processed and is ready for release.

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