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About The School

Historical Background

           The MSU-Siawadato Agricultural High School of Lanao del Sur was established on June 1, 1973 by then MSU President Dr. Mauyag M. Tamano through a BOR Resolution. This school was created in response to the mission of the university, to service the MINSUPALA region in terms of education and in Muslim Mindanao in order that the Muslims shall be integrated into the national body politic.

            Since its creation, the school has a concrete main building, two storey with 8 standard-sized classrooms excluding the office of the Principal, a Semi-concrete old building (Bagong Lipunan type) and an Administrative building.

            It has 31 faculty members, 18 administrative staff and 675 students from 1st to 4th years and senior high school at present. For more than 2 decades, the school is competing with the rest of the external units in terms of academic performance and school improvements. In 1991 up to present, the major accomplishment of MSU-Siawadatu may be summarized as follows: 2 concrete drainage, 2 concrete benches at the stage, concrete pathway around the school stage, concrete path ways surrounding the mica building, with improved office of the Principal and faculty facilities, four (4) decorated booths and painted school building. The school has its on-going projects such as: New building, concrete fencing, concrete pathways from the school gate going to school and installation of water-reservoir facilities.



The MSU-Siawadato envisions to be partner of the University and the External Units in carrying out their visions, missions, and goals by serving as a quality and transformative institution of learning through its equally quality and transformative educators serving the populace.


To provide a vibrant and encouraging academic environment through quality instruction, pragmatic research, and collaborative services of the stakeholders.


To achieve its mission and carry out its vision, the school aims to:

  1. Ensure its curricular offerings to be responsive enough to meet the changing local, national, and international community needs;
  2. Employ professionally ethical, principled and highly-trained workaholic and service-oriented human resources;
  3. Produce graduates who are conscientiously competent leaders and productive members of the society;
  4. Provide an academic environment conductive to optimum learning through maximized initiatives to obtain and provide advance facilities;
  5. Engagecommunity and extension services that nurture peace, resourcefulness, and empowerment among underprivileged populace; and
  6. Foster the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of Mindanao and the country as a whole.


Pursuant to the universal educational goal of “No one is left behind” under which the K to 12 or “The Enhanced Basic Educationa Act of 2013” (Republic Act No. 10533) is based and to the existing goals, missiona and visions, of the school, the MSU-External, and the MSU-System, the MSU-Siawadato intends to meet the following:

  1. To increase the Senior Qualifying Examination passers through guided and consistent academic intervention programs;
  2. To reduce drop-outs and failures due to varying factors through the Guidance Counseling Program and the close managerial supervision;
  3. To address the needs of learners with disabilities and those under difficult circumstance through the involvement of the school PTCA;
  4. To launch Academic intervention programs what would cater the needs of unprepared elementary graduates for them to coup with secondary education; and
  5. To encourage concerned and qualified school personnely to grow professionally by sending  them to study and or seminars.

Unit Contact Info

Dayamon T. Magdara-Mocsir, PhD
School Principal

Brgy. Balagunun,
Lanao Del Sur, Philippines

+63 963 135 5893

Sunday – Thursday; 7:20A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Social Info

Faculty Of The Unit

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  • Dr. Dayamon T. Magdara-MocsirSchool Principal
  • Prof. Norhaimah B. MarmarAssistant Principal
  • Aleem Hasanodin M. BagulGuidance Councelor
  • Prof. Jamalia M. Hadji SamadSHS Coordinator
  • Johaimah H.R. MagandiaCollecting Officer
  • Norolein Y. MortabaICT Coordinator

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S.Y. 2022-2023

Curriculum Offer

  • Junior HighGrade 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • Senior HighGeneral Academic Strand; Grade11 and 12

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Admission Requirements
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Summer Class 2023

Summer Class 2023 starts on July 9, 2023

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Admission Requirements

For Freshmen

FEASE Score (Grade 7) and SHSAT (Grade 11)
Original copy of Form 138 (Student’s report card properly accomplished and signed by the school’s director or principal issuing it.)
Certificate of Good Moral
Certified true copy of PSA/NSO Birth Certificate (2 copies)
Latest 1×1 ID Picture (2 copies)
Enrolment Fee
For Old Student

Original copy of Form 138 (Report Card)
Latest 1×1 ID Picture (2 copies)
Enrolment Fee

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