University Life

You will never get tired of your university life here at the Mindanao State University, Main Campus. They call this place the “Melting Pot of the South”, where you can find different cultures in the MINSUPALA region and even as far as the Visayas and Luzon regions. This means that you are in for a different feast of cultures, foods, and celebrations.

Event and Traditions

Watch out for an occasional street parade, concerts, fund-raisers, and the likes.

Like every university in the Philippines or even in the world, one cannot miss the different events of the colleges and departments. May it be a foundation day or a simple fund-raiser event, you are in for a treat. 

Expect extravagant celebrations during the founding anniversary of the university, as well as events sponsored by MSU such as the recently concluded “Meranao Autocross 2023 Battle of the Champions” where different racing cars rallied for a cash prize of a 100k Pesos.

Student Activities

Students are the heart of the university. That is why their different activities are supported by their colleges. From acquaintance parties, to welcome parties, to tributes. 

Social Life

You may still be a student here at the university but your social life can still be in your control. Coffee shops are everywhere for your afternoon meet ups with your circle of friends. The golf course is always open for a more healthy way of gathering with your friends and families.

University Life Transportation


There are many options to travel in the campus.

Travel within the campus by your car, or hitch a ride with your friends! Don’t worry if you don’t have one because our friendly “Manong Drivers” are just around the corner with their “Pedicab” as the locals call it. 

Wanting to travel off campus or on your way back home to your cities and/or municipalities? The integrated MSU terminal is just a walk away from your cottages or dorms where you can opt to travel by jeepneys, vans, or the newest addition baja.


Feel free to park your car at the designated parking spaces within the campus. The parking is available 24 hours with 24hours security. We make sure that everything is under control.

The Campus Experience

Watch the virtual campus tour below or ask someone to tour you around inside the campus. Just don’t miss out on the beautiful landscape of our golf course that sits atop and overlooking the lake of Lanao.

If you are a cultural fan, visit the Agakhan Museum at the First street to know more about the Meranao culture and the province of Lanao del Sur. If you are a foodie, be sure to visit the commercial center of MSU and be treated with different types of foods.

Dining On Campus

Looking for a street food or a local dish? MSU offers a wide variety of foods ranging from street foods, local foods, to coffee shops. Name it, you will see it at the commercial center of the university.


We have a league of highly-trained varsities in different fields of sports, matched with well selected national coaches, plus a world-class sports center.

University Life Culture and Arts

Arts & Culture

As it is indeed the melting pot of the south, MSU supports culture and arts. Visit the Agakhan Museum or the Meranao Cultural Heritage Center to see more.

Information Technology

With the modernization at its peak, see state-of-the-art technologies around the campus installed in different colleges and departments. A stable internet is also available for you while you are in the zone.

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Safety and Security

With over a hundred security personnel, expect security visibility anywhere you go inside the campus. The Peace Keeping Force of the Mindanao State University is always ready to keep you safe.

Health & Wellness

If you are living an active life, then the MSU campus is great for your early jog. Play tennis, or football, or a simple walk around the campus will be healthy for you.

Fear God all the time, wherever you are, even when no one is watching.

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