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About the Office


          It shall assume all the functions of the Personnel Office/Unit as defined by the University Code and pertinent resolutions of the Board of Repents. It shall be responsible for the formulation and recommendation, planning and implementation, monitoring and review, and coordination of personnel policies, programs, systems and standards for the campus.


            To be the leading front line administrative service in the delivery of public service as well as upholding merit and maintaining excellence in the University.


            As front-line administrative service unit in the university, we shall play a crucial role in providing an efficient and quality service to the public; and with our strong commitment and dedication to service guided by teamwork and adherence to established laws and policies; we shall provide administrative support and authority to the students and faculty.

Our Core Values

            Professional, Passionate, Accountable, Collaborate, Citizen-Centric.

Office Contact Info

Administrative Officer V

Isidro Hall Building, 2nd Street
Mindanao State University
Marawi City, Philippines

+63 951 8077 963

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Sections Under the Human Resource Development Office

The following are sections under the Human Resource Development Office:

1) Personnel Service Section;

2) Records and Classification Section;

3) Personnel Evaluation and Promotion Section;

4) Training and Development Section; and

5) Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

Personnel Service Section

It shall implement, monitor and review, and coordinate policies, programs, systems and standards for personnel recruitment, utilization and mobilization; process documents related to the appointment, leaves, retirements, details or transfers of personnel;

and to coordinate with appropriate higher authorities for the grant of tenure to campus employees. It shall be headed by a Section Chief.

Records and Classification Section

It shall be responsible for maintaining and updating complete and comprehensive personnel files of campus employees; preparing personnel profiles of campus employees; and for keeping an updated listing of the fields of specializations and skills of employees of the campus.

Evaluation and Promotion Section

 It shall formulate and recommend, plan and implement, monitor and review, coordinate and integrate evaluation and promotion schemes of the administrative personnel; to project re-entry programs of returning grantees; and to rationalize economic and non-economic incentives for employees of the campus. It shall be headed by a Section Chief. Section

Training and Development Section

It shall develop and implement, monitor, review and evaluate, monitor/conduct development and in-service training/development programs for the administrative personnel of the campus; and shall conduct orientation sessions for new recruits of the campus. It shall be headed by a Section Chief.

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Section

In compliance with the Civil Service Commission Memorandum No.6, series of 2016, the Human Resource Development Office established Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Section with the following responsibilities:

  • Monitors submission of  Individual Performance Commitment and Review forms by the unit heads.
  • Review the summary List of Individual Performance Rating to ensure that the average performance rating of employees is equivalent to or not higher than the Office Performance Rating as recommended by the PMT and approved by the College President.
  • Provides analytical data on retention, skill/competency gaps, and talent development plans that align with strategic plans.
  • Coordinates developmental interventions that will form part of the HR Plan.

Office of the Director

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  • Faisal G. Mangotara, JDDirector
  • Farida B. MarandaSecretary

Learning and Development Section

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  • Isaac P. GandarosaSupervising Administrative Officer
  • Acmad M. Otical, CGMAdministrative Officer II
  • Jehanie A. BatoaliTraining Specialist I
  • Drieza M. BistonTraining Specialist I
  • Hasmin D. BalangTraining Specialist I
  • Faridah G. SeradTraining Assistant
  • Aliyah S. AntapAdministrative Aide III

Records, Leave and Retirement Section

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  • Baisa D. Pandao, CGMAdministrative Officer V
  • Caizeden L. AlagAdministrative Officer III
  • Baipindo M. Marohombsar, CGMAdministrative Aide VI
  • Rashid G. RacmanAdministrative Aide VI
  • Fatimah Sarah P. MarohombsarAdministrative Aide VI
  • Lindao S. Gunang-Paudac, CGMAdministrative Aide IV
  • Ferdaus M. ManalundongAdministrative Aide IV
  • Sanaoray A. Otical, CGMAdministrative Aide IV
  • Mataid P. MacalantongAdministrative Aide IV
  • Mocairah G. RacmanAdministrative Aide IV
  • Inur L. DayaanAdministrative Aide II
  • Ansare S. OticalAdministrative Aide IV

Administrative Services Section

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  • Mohammad Merhussien G. Gubat, JDExecutive Assistant III
  • Amerhussain M. Macapaar, MPAAdministrative Officer V
  • Rocairah G. DalidigAdministrative Officer IV
  • Laut D. DimaampaoAdministrative Aide I
  • Jabber O. Abdul AzisSecurity Guard I

Appointment and Compensation Section

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  • Algary S. BataraAdministrative Officer II
  • Absanie A. AzisAdministrative Officer IV
  • Ashraf A. Laguindab, CGMAdministrative Officer IV
  • Salharawah I. Usman, MPAAdministrative Officer II
  • Ahmad A. Ronsing, LPTAdministrative Assistant II

Performance Evaluation and Monitoring Section

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  • Saadre D. Rago, LPT, JD, MMAdministrative Officer V
  • Mohammad Solaiman B. Salo, Jr.Administrative Assistant II
  • Jamaliah D. MarohombsarAdministrative Aide IV
  • Salimah S. EtadoAdministrative Aide III
  • Sadam B. SolaimanData Encoder II

Services Offered:

  • Printing of Service Record
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Certificate of Oneness
  • Certificate of Dependent
  • Processing of Leave Application
  • Processing of Terminal Leave
  • Printing of Payroll
  • Carding / Indexing
  • Records of Employees 201 Files
  • GSIS Membership and Loan Confirmation
  • Issuance of Appointments
  • Step Increment
  • Learning and Development
  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement
  • Performance Management

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