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MSU-Malabang CHS achieves success at Regional Schools Press Conference

By Juhanna O. Balindong, LPT

The MSU-Malabang Community High School achieved outstanding success at the Regional Schools Press Conference on July 2-4, 2023, held at Cotabato City Central Pilot School.

TV Broadcasting (English) CJs:

  1. Sittie Alyssah P. Condara-an,
  2. Jeddalyn D. Layugan,
  3. Abdulazziz S. Sarip,
  4. Hanah M. Cali, &
  5. Neshreen M. Sarip



Photojournalism (Filipino) CJ:

Muhammad Arham B. Baulo 🏅3rd Place


Column Writing (Filipino) CJ:

Norhan Esmail 🏅3rd Place


Feature Writing (English) CJ:

Onayzah B. Balindong 🏅4th


Place Editorial Writing (Filipino) CJ:

Norhayna Marohom 🏅5th Place


We are especially grateful to our Unit Principal, Dr. Conaida G. Camama, and Assistant Principal, Ma’am Anabelle P. Rabaya, for their unwavering support and motivation. Our heartfelt thanks also go to the faculty members who provided us with the necessary equipment and assistance.

Last but not least, we extend our gratitude to the School Paper Advisers, Zenaida S. Candia, Juhanna O. Balindong, Norlainie M. Mamosaca, and Salwa B. Hadji Salih, for being the driving force behind the success of the team.RSPC Champ Malabang

RSPC Malabang