Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs - External Units



By Juhanna O. Balindong

work immersion malabangEnhancing Career Readiness: MSU-Malabang Community High School Grade 12 Students Embark on Work Immersion Program April 27, 2023 marked a significant milestone for Grade 12 students of MSU-Malabang Community High School as they commenced their eagerly anticipated Work Immersion program. Under the capable guidance of Prof. Annabelle P. Rabaya, assistant principal of the institution and their dedicated adviser, the students embarked on a transformative journey into the professional realm.

This program offers a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in actual work environments, honing their skills and gaining invaluable real-world experience. With great enthusiasm, the students from MSU-Malabang Community High School embraced the chance to explore diverse career paths and foster connections between their academic pursuits and professional aspirations. Each student was carefully assigned to different partner agencies based on their individual interests and future career plans.

This year’s partner agencies include the Bureau of Fire Protection, Local Government Unit – Municipal Office, Ministry of Social Services and Development, Public Attorney’s Office, Rural Health Unit, Dr. Serapio Montañer Memorial Hospital, Jose Abad Santos Central Elementary School, and select placements within the school itself.

The implementation of the Work Immersion program has been a recurring annual activity at MSU-Malabang Community High School since the establishment of the Senior High School department in 2018. In adherence to the guidelines outlined in DepEd Order No. 30, which delineates the parameters for immersion programs by the Department of Education, the school has consistently prioritized the integration of real-world experiences into the curriculum.