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Mini-Conference Room

Reservation Guidelines

The Mini-Conference Room is available for booking for conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings related to study and learning process, and other similar events. Users are requested to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations listed below:
  1. A request letter should be sent to the University Library Director’s Office three (3) days before the intended date of booking.
  2. The booking in charge will determine whether the preferred date is available, and a booking form will be provided for approval.
  3. The maximum number of users should be at most sixty (60).
  4. Use of the Mini-Conference room requires a fee of ₱500 regardless it will be used for a half-day or whole day, ₱750 for weekends, and ₱250 for classroom purposes.
  5. A deposit fee of ₱300 shall also be collected and returned in full, provided that the room is completely cleaned and returned to its original setting after use, and there are no damages or loss of property.
  6. The booking fee and deposit fee may be waived for the University Library partners.
  7. Users are permitted to change the furniture layout as long as it is not removed from the room.
  8. Any user leaving trash will be banned from future bookings.
  9. Organizers who bring in single-use plastics will be asked to donate ₱2 for each item to the Environmental Protection Advocacy of the University Library.
  10. Any damages to the property should be reported immediately to the booking in charge.
  11. The room will be reserved once the booking form is duly approved.

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