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About The College

The College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, formerly known as College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, at the Mindanao State University Main Campus, is one of the 16 colleges that house the excellent and competent students of the institution, providing quality and practical education that equips them towards the real world of tourism and hospitality industry.

It has 2 departments – the tourism and hospitality management departments, offering bachelor’s degrees in Tourism Management and Hospitality Management.

The College of Hospitality and Tourism Management also houses the MSU Pavilion, which serves as one of the outstanding venues for holding meetings and conferences, not only among the constituents of the campus, but for other clientele as well.

Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives

VMGO of the College


The College shall become a Center of Excellence in the fields of Tourism, Culinary Arts and Institutional Management and a Center for Development to help in the country’s pursuit of Socio-Economic Development through its training programs.


Along with Instruction, Research and Extension, the College shall pursue production/IG’s – in its laboratory facilities and pursue more International linkages and networks as it continuously produce nationalistic and world class workers, professionals and entrepreneurs who are morally upright as they contribute to the development of Tourism, Culinary and related Hospitality Institutions of the country.

Goals and Objectives

The College shall pursue world-class educational programs to align with the present realities of ASEAN and Globalization. However, the need to balance knowledge, skills and technology acquisition is to mold responsive and nationalistic entrepreneurs and workers who are globally competitive thereby helping Mindanao and the whole country achieve socio-economic development.

In alignment with this general objectives are the following goals:

1. To devise, initiate and conduct training programs intended to develop a reservoir of trained manpower for the industry in the MINSUPALA Region;

2. To provide extension programs, either through short term training seminars or direct technical assistance to existing hospitality enterprises in the area with the end view of upgrading their technical and managerial knowhow;

3. To manage, direct and operate existing or prospective hospitality facilities of the University on a commercial basis; to see to it that they are operated with efficiency to the end that they will be self-liquidating;

4. To assume responsibility for the reception, accommodation and billeting of official University guests;

5. To plan, establish and operate a Culinary “test” kitchen to serve as a laboratory for the research and testing of recipes using materials which shall be acceptable to all people in the area, particularly, the Muslims;

6. In cooperation with other government agencies and the private sector, to promote and stimulate tourism in the region;

7. To provide technical support to the President of the University, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or such other University Committees as maybe formed for the generation of projects intended to provide support for the establishment and / or expansion of the University , either thru tie-ups with other government agencies and / or private entities;

8. To provide technical assistance and support to other units and / or branches of the University in the design, construction, management and operation of their own cafeterias and / or guest houses;

9. To become a Provincial and Regional Training and Assessment Center of ARMM;

10. To provide Academic support to the K-12 and Senior High-Implementation particularly in Tech-Voc Program affiliated with the College offerings; and

11. To help provide technical assistance and support to promote the Halal Industry in Mindanao and the country as a whole.

Departments and Sub-units in the College

Office of the Dean

Hospitality Management Department

Tourism Management Department

Operations Department

TESDA Office

Unit Library

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Upon the recommendation of the University President and the Executive Committee on the Board of Regents, through their issuance of Resolution No. 158, S. 2022, the renaming of the former name “College of Hotel and Restaurant Management (CHARM)” to its new name “College of Hospitality and Tourism Management (CHTM)” at the Mindanao State University Main Campus, is hereby approved, effective on Jun 24, 2022.

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Why Study Here?

The College of Hospitality and Tourism Management offers 2 programs in its curricula – the BS Hospitality Management and BS Tourism Management programs. These are both trend-based programs that have spread in all corners of the world. Hence, the college ensures that it is adept in equipping its students to be industry-ready and globally competent individuals who can easily adapt to the varying standards and practices of the different sectors in the hospitality and tourism industries. 

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