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The Mindanao State University – Manila Information Office (MSU–MIO) serves as the showcase hub of the MSU System (MSUS) in Metro Manila. Part of its functions is to act as the liaison of the MSUS, interacting with government entities like the Malacañang, Senate, Congress, CHED, DBM, NEDA and many others including the private sector.   

The MSU–MIO was established pursuant to BOR Resolution No. 7 Series of 1961. It was opened in 1962, the year that the University began its operation in Marawi City.

The MSU-MIO is headed by Director Hannah G. Marquez.  The office is manned by MSU-MIO Personnel and also by representatives from MSU-IIT, MSU-General Santos, MSU-Naawan,  MSU-Maguidanao and MSU-Sulu.



The heart of OneMSU in Manila, promoting the mandates of the MSU System as a premier National University and globally-competent educational institution


To function as the information and liaison center of the MSU System, acting under the Jurisdiction of the Main Campus and coordinating  all of  the campuses of MSU with agencies of the National government, private sector and international partner institutions

Office Contact Info


12 Flr, GE Antonino Bldg.,
Bocobo cor Kalaw
Ermita, Manila, Philippines

+63 2 8526 4325

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Office Personnel

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  • Hannah G. Marquez, RN, MPHDirector II
  • Raymer Marl S. Tan, CESupervising Admin. Officer
  • Annalynn A. PangandamanAdmin Officer V
  • Faisah D. DimapunongProj. Dev't. Officer III
  • Ana Johanisa B. GamorProj. Dev't. Officer III
  • Ferdinand L. CapiliSr. Admin. Asst. II
  • Rehamna S. MarmayAccountant I
  • Mamarinta G. MautiAdmin. Officer III
  • Abdul Mohymin B. MangondatoAdmin. Officer II
  • Mario A. AnacioAdmin. Asst. V
  • Noraima M. BongarosAdmin. Asst. II
  • Henson O. BiroselAdmin. Aide VI
  • SittieAlisah H. SocorAdmin. Aide VI
  • Asliah A. OmarAdmin. Aide VI
  • Raffy T. AngcobAdmin. Aide IV
  • Garry L. CapiliAdmin. Aide III

MIO:  Meritorious. Innovative. Optimistic. 

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