1. To increase competence in the chosen major field of nursing.
  2. To strengthen the managerial skills of Nurses.
  3. To equip nurses with critical thinking abilities.
  4. To increase understanding of theories and competence in conducting research.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Must be a holder of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN Degree).
  2. Must be a Registered Nurse of the Philippines with current Professional License.
  3. Must take and pass the qualifying exam given by the Graduate School.
  4. Must submit the following documents:
  5. Original copy of Transcript of Records(TOR)
  6. Two (2) recommendation/letters of reference from previous professors/supervisors
  7. Xerox copy of valid PRC license.
  8. Two (2) Passport Size ID photos.
  9. Honorable dismissal

Graduation Requirements:

The MA Nursing degree is granted to masteral students who:

  1. Completed all academic course work requirements
  2. Passed the comprehensive examination.
  3. Passed the oral defense.
  4. Submitted eight (8) copies of signed& bounded thesis.