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Historical Background

From the year 1978 to 2022 provides a clear indication and manifestation of a notable & valuable 44 years of occurrence and significant existence of the Mindanao State University – Malabang Community High School.True to its name, it continuously served the constituents of the community of Barangay Tubok, Malabang, Lanao del Sur on the academic aspects for all these years.

Mindanao State University – Malabang Community High School was completely a forest on barren land filled with cogon and coconut trees emerging from an almost vacated area to a significant rising learning campus academe.

MSU – Malabang Community High School was established thru the initiative of the former councilor Gandamasir Diambangan during the incumbency of Mayor Macud Santican last February 1978 with the help and strong support of former MSU – Finance Director, Sultan sa Malabang, Atty. Kamar Boloto tied up with by the strong recommendation of the MSU President Governor Ali Dimaporo and formally submitted the Municipal Resolution to the Board of Regents at MSU-Main Campus, Marawi City for approval and finally signed on August 01, 1978 with BOR Resolution no.1589 series of 1978.

The school started its operation ahead than the approval of the Board of Regents, which barely began on June 1978 with 4 faculty members and 3 administrative staff under the founding Principal Dr. Pendililang Balangue Gunting when Dr. Abdullah Madali was the Vice President for External Studies.

During that year, the school opened its first year level with an enrolment of 55 students of which their first day of classes held in a rotten bowling lane building owned by Mr. Dodo Montañer at barangay Curahab, Malabang, Lanao del Sur, however, it did not last long for 3 months, they transferred the site of the school in a 2 rooms of madrasah at the defunct Mahad Markazie made of sawali and nipa at Brgy. Tubok, Malabang, Lanao del Sur.

After the founding Principal, it was followed by Miss Fatima Felimon as the designated second regular Principal on June 1979 but she only stayed for 2 years for some reasons. Datu Bacar Paramata Pili offered his land to MSU, where the school we are permanently staying now, which number of enrolment reached to 164 students as an indication that the school is growing.

In the year 1981, Professor Mitmug Dipatuan assumed as the third regular principal wherein the MSU-Malabang Community High School produced its pioneering graduates with a total of 35 students graduated during the year of 1981-1982 with its valedictorian no other than Mr. Soeharto Candong.

During the administration of Prof. Dipatuan , the construction of “Make Shift house” to hold the classes of the students was initiated. Luckily in 1985 the MSU President Governor Ali Dimaporo constructed a 10 concrete classrooms which until now existing for class instruction but due to fortuitous events behind the control of man, Prof. Dipatuan who undergone an emergency forced leave.

In 1986, the Registrar of the school Mr. Ramir D. Ai passed on the selection board conducted by the Special Assistants of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (External Studies) to be the First officer in charge of the school of which that time the number of students increased its enrollment to 721 students, but in the succeeding year Prof. Dipatuan re-assumed the principalship where in that year, Dr. Emily Marohombsar was the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the MSU President was Ahmad Jun Alonto, Jr. The administration of Prof. Mitmug Dipatuan for 14 years from 1981-1994 made the school enrolment with an average of 612 students yearly manifested the fruitful years of development of our school.

Later on May 1995, Mrs. Sohura Dipatuan was designated as the fourth regular principal by Prof. Bolawan Dianalan as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, during the Presidency of Dr. Emily Marohombsar, Mrs. Dipatuan works out the 2 projects given by Assemblyman Jun Macarambon of the Regional Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

The Tennis Court and the one-unit school classroom, her period from 1995 to 1999 made the statistic enrolment of 541 students annual our school gymnasium given by the National Power Corporation, her 4 years of administration from 1999 to 2003 scored the annual enrolment of 520 students as a tangible proof of tasking the added improvements of our school.

On May 2003, Prof. Samsoden Marohom assumed the Principalship, who was designated by Dr. Benaning Omaca-an, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, as the sixth regular Principal, he had provided the school 10 Growth Equity for Mindanao and the establishment of College of Agriculture and Fisheries at Brgy. Mable in the year 2005, his term of office from 2003 to 2007 made approximately the enrolment yearly a total of 260 students that decreases the number of students as the result of the expanded extension program of the Mindanao State University, Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for reason of Quality Education.

Prof. Meriam Ali Rascal assumed the Principalship on December 18, 2007as the 7th regular Principal during the time of Dr. Mariam Diron when the MSU President was Dr. Macapado Muslim, Prof Meriam Ali Rascal worked out sincerely the construction of Tire Path and organization of Drum and Bugle as well as the academic performance of the school and its extra-curricular activities above all boasting several accomplishments and performance to give honor and distinction to the institution but due to delicadeza, she stayed for only 2 years.

Then, Dr. Zamanoray M. Malawani was re-instated again as the 8th regular Principal of the school, surpassing or by passing the mandate of the search for principalship and the authority of the office of Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, her re-installment from 2010-2016 ended and duly replaced by Prof. Myrna M. Asira as the 9th  Principal of the school who was designated by Dr. Ali Panda on August 2016.It was also during the administration of Prof. Asira that the 1st pioneering Senior High School offering General Academic Strand (GAS) was established.

On August 10, 2020, the 10th regular Principal of MSU-Malabang Community High School Dr. Conaida G. Camama officially assumed the position up to the present. She is responsible for the realization of a two-storey Senior High School Building currently used as classrooms by the Grade 11 and 12 SHS students. The construction of Triage Area, hand washing area, tire path, comfort rooms for female students and the on-going construction of the Science Laboratoy are also under her administration. There about 33 faculty members, one on a study leave and one on detail. And there are 8 Staff doing the administrative functions under the current administration. There about 625 officially enrolled JHS and SHS students for the school year 2022-2023.