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MSU-Malabang Community High School Debate Club Shines at MSU Debate Championship

By Juhanna O. Balindong, LPT

Debate Parliament Malabang

MSU-Malabang Community High School Debate Club Shines at MSU Debate Championship The MSU-Malabang Community High School Debate Club, also known as “The Parliament,” recently made an outstanding debut at the fourth installment of the MSU Debate Championship. Held from May 5-7, 2023, at the esteemed Mindanao State University in Marawi City, the competition brought together talented debaters from various institutions, creating an atmosphere of intellectual vigor and spirited discourse. Led by their esteemed Debate Club Adviser, Prof. Zenaida S. Candia, and with the unwavering support of their principal, Dr. Conaida G. Camama, the MSU-Malabang Community High School Debate Club showcased their dedication and commitment to excellence. Representing the sole external unit from the Basic Education department of Mindanao State University, their participation in the tournament was a testament to their pride and accomplishment.

The Parliament fielded four teams, each comprising two debaters, who showcased their critical thinking, persuasive communication, and analytical skills throughout the competition. The first team, known as “Imperial Sanctuary,” consisted of Fairuz A. Pumbaya and Rakema S. Cote. Team 2, named “Two Minds, One Argument,” comprised Norlailah B. Abdulwahab and Neshreen M. Sarip. Sailane M. Ebrahem and Aquel B. Marohom joined forces to create Team 3, called “Sic Parvis Magna.” Finally, Jeddalyn D. Layugan and Abdulazziz S. Sarip formed Team 4, known as the “Think Tankers.” They engaged in thought-provoking debates and presented compelling arguments.

The Parliament engaged in intense debates during several rounds, often finding themselves in a tie with other highly skilled teams who had also earned a spot in the Silahis Cup. However, the deadlock was ultimately resolved based on the speaker points, a decisive factor in determining the winners. Despite not securing any medals, the debaters left an indelible mark on the competition, showcasing their dedication and determination. Aznayrha T. Salampong, Hanah M. Cali, Almer A. Lianto, and Sittie Alyssah P. Condara-an brought their expertise to the competition, ensuring a fair and rigorous judging process as adjudicators. Hassam C. Gampong, Aslanie P. Macadato, and Norhan Esmail were among those who attended as observers, witnessing the talents and skills displayed by the debaters.