MSU-Main Campus Welcomes the New Era of Student Leadership

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By Nasrimah R. Sampaco-Fayez

The University-wide Oathtaking, Pinning Ceremony, and Induction of new SSG (Supreme Student Government) and College Officers was held on June 5, 2024 at the International Convention Center, MSU-Main Campus, Marawi City. Themed “Continuing the Legacy of Excellence, Stepping into the New Era of Leadership,” the event marked a significant transition for the student government.

The ceremony commenced with a Processional March, featuring outgoing and incoming student leaders in all their regalia. COA Chief Commissioners, Student Rights and Welfare Chief Commissioners, Chief Justices, Speakers of the House, Prime Ministers, Student Rights and Welfare Commissioners, Associate Justices, SSG Representatives, and Chief Ministers from all colleges marched proudly, symbolizing the passing of the torch to a new generation of leaders.

Using the stirring tagline “Dangal, Katarungan, at Kalayaan” (Honor, Justice, and Freedom), Division of Student Affairs Director, Prof. Aisah D. Munder, MAED impressed upon the new officers the significance of their roles, emphasizing that these were not just titles but positions that demanded integrity and dedication.

Atty. Shidik T. Abantas, MSU System and BOR Secretary, followed with an inspirational message. He challenged the incoming leaders to embrace a commitment to excellence, honesty, and service. He also urged them to strive to do good, to prioritize the welfare of their peers, and to be their voice. Underscoring the importance of unity, he said, “As student leaders, you have to make a mark. Be united for the welfare and betterment of the University.”

Dr. Amerkhan G. Cabaro, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, offered his congratulations to the student leaders. He highlighted the unique opportunity they had to develop their leadership skills, advocate for their peers, and contribute to the university’s growth. He reminded them that SSG also stood for “Strive, Serve, and Grow,” encouraging them to approach their positions with dedication, humility, and a commitment to excellence.

The ceremony was further enriched by inspiring testimonial speeches from Hon. Aklimah L. Batao, Outgoing Speaker of the House, and Hon. Jihad U. Sharief, Outgoing Chief Ministers Representative. Both speakers emphasized the importance of fostering future leaders, with Batao stating, “True leaders do not create followers. True leaders create more leaders.” Their words served as a powerful reminder of the responsibility entrusted to the incoming officers.

A vibrant cultural performance by Sining Kambayoka Ensemble added a touch of festivity to the event, showcasing the multifaceted talents of the MSU student body. Hon. Wizam M. Hassan, MSU System Student Regent, led the oathtaking ceremony, officially inducting the incoming officers into their roles. He urged them to embrace the privileges bestowed upon them and to lead with responsibility. A symbolic torch lighting ceremony followed, signifying the passing of the mantle of leadership.

Hon. Jawayie Baguinda, the new Prime Minister from the College of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (CFAS), and Hon. Amil B. Guro, the new Speaker of the House, committed to lead with excellence as they accept the new responsibilities entrusted to them. All newly elected officers were then presented with their pins, marking the official start of their terms.

The presence of distinguished guests, including Scholarship Center Director Faridah Alango, RGC and Office of Admissions Director Mustapha E. Dimaro, JD, DPA further underscored the importance of the occasion and the university’s unwavering support for its student leaders.This grand ceremony marked a turning point for MSU-Main Campus’s student government. The incoming SSG and College Officers now hold the reins, poised to build upon the legacy of excellence and steer the university into a bright new era of leadership. Their dedication and commitment will be instrumental in shaping the future of MSU-Main Campus.

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