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Brgy. Salamatullah, Taraka, Lanao del Sur

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Muhammad A. Ampuan, LPT

Arabic Teacher

“ Let the light of knowledge take away the darkness of ignorance”


MUHAMMAD AMAI-KURUT AMPUAN is a faculty member of the ARABIC and MAPEH Department of MSU – TARAKA Community High School. He finished his ISALAMIC STUDIES major in SHARI’A at AL-MAA’RIF EDUCATIONAL CENTER, Baguio City, Philippines (2013),BS-ED 4 Year Course in year (2017) and currently taking his Masters degree in Islamic Studies major in Muslim Law (38 units) at MSU-KFCIAAS MSU-main campus, Marawi City.


  • AB Shari’a at Alma’rif, Baguio city, BS-ed at MIC.
  • Master of Arts in Islamic Studies major in MUSLIM LAW.


  • Arabic Language and Islamic studies

Courses Taught

  • ARABIC 10 section A/B
  • MAPEH 8 section A/B



      Research Projects