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Dr. Jasmin C. Tawantawan-Pangilamun


“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” – Joyce Meyer



Jasmin C. Tawantawan-Pangilamun is a Filipino educator and scholar passionate about mathematics and science education. Mrs. Tawantawan-Pangilamun completed her elementary education at APCES Marawi City in 1999, a graduate with honors during her high school at MSU-UTC, Marawi City, in 2003. She was a consistent Scholar during her Bachelor of Science in Education major in Mathematics and Master of Science in Education major in Secondary Mathematics at MSU-Main Campus in Marawi City. Mrs. Tawantawan-Pangilamun is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Science Education, major in Secondary Mathematics at MSU-Main Campus, with an ongoing dissertation.

     Throughout her academic and professional career, Mrs. Tawantawan-Pangilamun has taken on various roles and responsibilities, including Designated Special Assistant at MSU-OAVCAA [External Units] since 2022 up to date, Assistant Principal from 2019-2021, ICT-Coordinator from 2015-2019, and Math Coordinator from 2013-2018 at MSU-Tugaya CHS. She was also a writer for the mathematics instructional materials from Grade 7 to Grade 10 of the MSU-External Units, as well as a member of the committee to revise, consolidate, and syllabus of the MSU-External Units.

     Mrs. Tawantawan-Pangilamun has also attended numerous seminars and workshops. She is also a presenter at national and international research conferences. She also becomes a writer of instructional materials, coach during quiz-bee, lecturer, and judge during school events.

     She has published a paper entitled “Bilingual Medium of Instruction: Effects on Students Conceptual Understanding, Problem Solving Performance and Interest in Mathematics” at the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science at the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IJHSS.NET) and has presented at the 3rd International Multidisciplinary Research Conference (IMRC) 2018 held at the Deluxe Hotel, CDO, Philippines, sponsored by Alliance of Teachers for Innovative Education and Excellence Inc.

     Overall, Mrs. Tawantawan-Pangilamun is a dedicated and accomplished educator with a wealth of knowledge and experience in mathematics and science education, instructional materials development, school administration, and research.


  • BSEd Math, MSU-Main, 2007
  • MSciEd Major in Mathematics, MSU-Main, 2017
  • PhD Science Education Major in Mathematics, MSU-Main, Up to date


  • Secondary Mathematics, Research

Courses Taught

  • Mathematics 10
  • General Mathematics
  • Statistics and Probabilty