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University Business Office, Domocao Alonto Sr. Building, MSU Main Campus, Marawi City, LDS, 9700 Philippines

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Sittie Sonaya D. Malik, MPA

MSU UBO Secretary

“If you believe in yourself and pray constantly, you can achieve anything.”


Sittie Sonaya Datu Malik is a Musician at Mindanao State University’s Cultural Affairs Office and officially designated as MSU UBO SECRETARY on August 19, 2022 with detail Special Order No. 397 – OP Series of 2022.

Sittie Sonaya is a woman with high respect and has a sincere desire to further her professional development. She is a hardworking woman who is incredibly motivated and enthusiastic about whatever she does. She possesses admirable interpersonal and communication abilities. Know how to interact with various types of individuals in the workplace. She is equally effective when working alone and, more importantly, when collaborating with others.

From 2005 to 2009, she previously volunteered with Kalimudan Foundation Inc., a non-government organization dedicated to strengthening the capacities of its development partners as they strive to build peace while securing livelihood, improving health standards, and nurturing the environment in order to improve the well-being of Lanao’s people.

She worked for three years as an Administrative Support Staff in one of Mindanao State University’s prestigious colleges, the College of Public Affairs, and was then assigned as a Secretary/documenter in the Department of Graduate Studies in every MPA and DPA student’s thesis proposal and final defense presentation, where she learned a lot and gained valuable experience. Because of her unwavering passion and dedication, she was promoted to Musician on July 1, 2018 till the present.

Sittie Sonaya graduated from Mindanao State University – Marawi City with a Bachelor’s degree in BS International Relations at MSU King Faisal Center for Islamic Arabic and Asian Studies and a master’s degree in public administration on January 28, 2020. Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s swt mercy, she received the highest score among the attendees with 84.25 percent on the MPA Comprehensive Exam, Plan B, held on August 8 and 10, 2019.

She is presently pursuing a Doctor of Public Administration degree at Mindanao State University, where she is doing well and hopes to complete it on time with good grades. She’d like to learn more about public administration now that she’s a credentialed public servant so she can implement good governance and policies that will benefit everyone working here at this university, especially those in the Muslim Ummah, now and in the future. She attended a number of seminars and workshops aimed at improving her professional abilities.

She is currently engaged as an Office Secretary at MSU University Business Office (UBO). Sittie Sonaya enjoys reading books that will help her improve her reading abilities and expand her vocabulary. She likes to go on adventures and visit new places. She is computer graphically literate and enjoys creating art


  • Doctor of Public Administration - Organization & Management, Mindanao State University Main Campus, Present
  • Master of Public Administration - Organization & Management (Plan B), Mindanao State University Main Campus, 2020
  • BS International Relations, Mindanao State University Main Campus, 2004

Civil Service Eligibility

  • Civil Service Sub-Professional Eligibility


  • Doctor of Public Administration - Organization & Management, Master of Public Administration, Organization & Management ,Related International Relations Activities