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University Business Office, Domocao Alonto Sr. Building, MSU Main Campus, Marawi City, LDS, 9700 Philippines

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Yasser M. Salacop, CGM

Administrative Aide VI

“When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.”


Mr. Yasser Muti Salacop, born on January 21, 1983, is currently 40 years of age and hails from Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur. He holds the position of second-born in his family, with his father named Sultan Nasser M. Salacop, and his late mother, Prof. Norhaya amauikurot Muti Salacop, CPA. He has four sisters, namely Farinah M. Salacop, Sarahata M. Salacop, Rohana M. Salacop, and Sadjarah M. Salacop, as well as two brothers, Nasser M. Salacop Jr. and Hassanor M. Salacop, the youngest member of the family.

In terms of his work experience, Mr. Salacop has participated in the 12th Congressional Internship Program for Young Mindanao Leaders, which was sponsored by USAID-GEM. He has also worked as a Birth Cert Clerk in DSWD-ARMM, and has gained international experience by working at Fairmont Hotel, Makkah Clock Royal Tower in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he served as a Receptionist, Data Processor, and Server. Currently, he is employed at the University Business Office/Finance Department as an Admin Aide VI.

Mr. Salacop has also completed technical vocational courses, including Healthcare Services National Certificate II and Food and Beverage National Certificate II, for which he holds National Certificate II eligibility.

With regards to his family background, Mr. Salacop comes from a political family. His paternal grandfather, Mayor Hadji Ali Salacop Dimacaling, was a former Mayor of the municipality of Saguiaran, while his maternal grandfather served as the Assistant Vice President of the Mindanao State University and was also the former Finance Director of the same university during the time of President Ahmad Alonto Jr. Furthermore, his father’s brother held the position of RTC Judge of Agusan Lanao del Sur and was a former Mayor of Saguiaran, while his mother’s sister currently serves as the Vice President of Finance in MSU Marawi.

In terms of his professional qualifications, Mr. Salacop holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations from 2005, AB Islamic Studies from 2010, and a Certificate in Governmental Management earned in 2019.


  • Master in Human Resource Management, Iligan Medical Center College, 2022 to Present
  • Master in Public Administration - Organization & Management, Mindanao State University Main Campus, 2019
  • BS International Relations, Mindanao State University Main Campus, 2015
  • AB Islamic Studies - Sharia, Mindanao State University Main Campus, 2010
  • National Certificate II in Food & Beverage, Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA), 2021
  • National Certificate II in Healthcare Servicing, Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA), 2008


  • Teller, Medical, Public Administration - Organization and Management, International Relations & Sharia, Healthcare and Food & Beverage.