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Prof. Raihan Yusoph

Institute for Peace Development in Mindanao, MSU Main Campus Marawi

The Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao contributes in the establishment of the Bangsamoro Peace Institute to collaborate and partners on achieving lasting peace and sustainable development in the Bangsamoro. Together with the Ministry of Public Order and Safety (MPOS) particularly with the Peace Education Division a Peace Training the Trainers were held in Go Hotel Lanang, Davao City on March 7 to 13, 2023. Prof. Raihan Yusoph and Prof. Abubacar Ali participated in the Training the Trainers and shared their experiences, the peace initiatives of the MSU System, as well as other peace related materials.

The training is funded the UK Government, the Australian Aid, and the UNDP Philippines in partnership with MPOS BARMM with the objective, among others, to draft session guides of the Fundamental Courses of BPI. Along with 30 participants, IPDM is chosen among trainers to be equipped with the relevant skills to facilitate BPI. Professor Abubacar Ali and Prof. Raihan Bin Yusoph as trainers and lecturers discussed “Cultural Sensitivity and Religious Tolerance (Building Intellectual Respect, Reconciliation and Solidarity)” and Culture of Peace, Dismantling a Culture of War, respectively.

About the author

The institute for peace and development in Mindanao (IPDM) was created by the MSU Board of Regents during its 182nd Meeting on December 7, 2001. The institute assumed the functions of two defunct units: the Muslim Christian Center for Peace Studies and the Muslim Mindanao Development Institute. It is now the central coordinating unit for all existing peace and development programs of the campuses of the University. MSU was established on September 1, 1961 as one of the government responses to the so-called “Mindanao problem.” The problem includes a violent struggle of segments of the Filipino Muslim population to redress long-standing grievances and assert Muslim selfhood and identity in the face of real and imagined threats of cultural and spiritual assimilation by the majority Filipino Christian population. The University was mandated to accelerate the “integration” of the cultural communities in Mindanao into the mainstream body politic and to accelerate the development of its service areas through instruction, research, and extension. In the pursuit of these objectives, the University also seeks to infuse spiritual and moral values, national consciousness and solidarity, and mutual understanding among Filipinos, which are necessary for peaceful coexistence and sustainable development. IPDM was therefore, created with the expectation that it would contribute to the easing of tensions and the promotion of justice and peace between Filipino Muslims and Christian by expanding knowledge, improving understanding and heightening sensitivity in relations between the peoples of Mindanao in particular, and the Philippines in general.